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"Jewellery is like a biography, a story that tells the many chapters of your life". Life experiences and emotional connection are the inspirations behind Palas' designs that allow you to create your own 'biography' with a charm bracelet or necklace to wear or gift.

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10 Charms

10 Items

10 Charms

  1. $60.00
    You are strong enough lotus slider charm

    21 x 21mm

  2. $44.00
    Paw print fur babies charm

    16 x 16mm

  3. $44.00
    Small square heart charm

    15 x 15mm

  4. $53.00
    Tree of life heart charm

    25 x 26mm

  5. $48.00
    Open hearts charm pair

    25 x 25mm

  6. $53.00
    Poppies charm

    30 x 30mm

  7. $32.00
    Feather charm

    7 x 30mm

  8. $36.00
    Bronze heart charm

    20 x 20mm

  9. Forever in my heart charm
    75% OFF
    Special Price $11.00 Regular Price $44.00
    Forever in my heart charm

    23 x 23mm

  10. Friendship wings charms
    75% OFF
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $60.00
    Friendship wings charms

    5mm x 18mm

Filter by

10 Charms

10 Items

10 Charms



Palas charms provide a medium for symbolic gestures of love and inspiration, from one heart to another. Create a personalised charm bracelet or charm necklace by choosing inspirational charms that appeal to you most. Celebrate your individuality by creating your own unique design that tells your personal story and add an initial charm to further personalise the piece. Choose the charms that resonate most with you to wear as a token of strength and positivity, or combine a few designs to create a heartfelt gift that will be truly cherished.