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Natural soul

This collection, illustrated and designed by Courtney Williams, is inspired by Mother Nature and all of the beauty and energy she gives to our world each day. Each of the elements are represented to align with our individual personalities and soul connections.

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10 Items

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  1. $72.00
    Guiding light spinner charm

    22 x 22mm

  2. $72.00
    Lotus long chain drop earrings

    65mm drop

  3. $53.00
    Hamsa evil eye protection charm

    12 x 15mm

  4. $69.00
    Spirit of the ocean bracelet (was $72)

    19cm bracelet (20 x 20mm charm)

  5. Spirit of the sun bracelet (was $87)
    Out of Stock
    Spirit of the sun bracelet (was $87)

    20.5cm bracelet (20 x 20mm charm)

  6. $74.00
    Spirit of the earth bracelet (was $77)

    100cm total length (20 x 20mm charm)

  7. $76.00
    Lotus wrap bracelet (was $80)

    55cm bracelet (20 x 20mm charm)

  8. $65.00
    Yin Yang necklace (was $68)

    50cm chain (12 x 12mm charm)

  9. $57.00
    Om charm bracelet (was $60)

    19cm bracelet (17 x 17mm charm)

  10. $81.00
    Infinity necklace (was $85)

    50cm chain (18 x 18mm charm)

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10 items

10 Items

10 Collections


Natural Soul

Choose the Goddess that lies within you. Symbols such as the lotus, offering purity of the heart and mind, and the ancient yin yang symbol of harmony feature in this collection. Protection and energy symbols of hamsa and Om charms and the ‘guiding light’ spinner charm are inspiring gifts especially to mark new beginnings or adventures.