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World is your oyster

Our designer, Anna Dimond, spent a glorious week in Bali with three of her closest girlfriends, Tiff, Sarah and Catherine, They have been there for Anna through the glittering highs and devastating lows, of which she has had many! Such a cute story (read below) from the trip inspired this collection and as you have probably guessed it involves pearls! Reflective of a time in her life that marked an open door to freedom and change, Anna aptly named this 'The World is your Oyster'.

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9 items

9 Items

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  1. $24.00
    Pearl charm

    7-7.5mm freshwater pearl

  2. $96.00
    Pearl necklace

    50cm total length

  3. $32.00
    Pearl hook earrings

    22mm drop

  4. $72.00
    Pearl rod earrings

    67mm drop

  5. $29.00
    Double pearl charm on ring

    Small pearl: 3.5 - 4mm, large pearl 7 - 7.5mm, total size 25 x 7mm

  6. $72.00
    Pearl hoop earrings

    70mm drop

  7. $63.00
    Pearl lariat short necklace

    46mm total length

  8. $56.00
    Small hoop pearl earrings

    30mm drop

  9. $53.00
    The world is your oyster pearl charm

    15 x 20mm

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9 items

9 Items

9 Collections


World Is Your Oyster

This trip inspired ‘The World is your Oyster’ pearl collection... Anna was eating oysters and she discovered a natural pearl inside! That was a clear sign from the universe – how could she not design this pearl collection!? This collection is a reminder that the world, in all of its natural beauty, has physical and spiritual gifts that it presents to us each day, we just need to be open and grateful enough to see and receive them.