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Celebrating the love we share amongst our friendship circle, tribe or sisterhood is one of our favourite jewellery themes. Sentimental words about friends, symbols of love and soul connection can be collected on a charm bracelet or necklace over time. Buy matching pieces for each of you to share or even spoil your bestie with the perfect pair of earrings or a ring... just because.

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32 Gifts

  1. Pearl stud earrings
    Pearl stud earrings

    10 x 10mm

  2. Lotus stud earrings
    Lotus stud earrings

    11 x 11mm

  3. Little lotus stud earrings
  4. Love dream stud earrings
  5. Mandala stud earrings
  6. Angel wing stud earrings
  7. XO Kiss Hug stud earrings
  8. Boho Goddess moon stud earrings
  9. Evil eye stud earrings
  10. Boho sun stud earrings
  11. Hamsa stud earrings
    Hamsa stud earrings

    9 x 9mm

  12. Small hoop pearl earrings
  13. Pearl hook earrings
    Pearl hook earrings

    22mm drop

  14. Petite disc earrings
    Petite disc earrings

    22mm drop

  15. Petite moon earrings
    Petite moon earrings

    23mm drop

  16. Petite ball earrings
    Petite ball earrings

    20mm drop

  17. Petite heart earrings
    Petite heart earrings

    23mm drop

  18. Petite rod earrings
    Petite rod earrings

    25mm drop

  19. Amore earrings
    Amore earrings

    50mm drop

  20. Paros earrings
    Paros earrings

    40mm drop

  21. Lotus long chain drop earrings
  22. Pearl hoop earrings
    Pearl hoop earrings

    70mm drop

  23. Feather and moonstone earrings
  24. Margeaux earrings
    Margeaux earrings

    55mm drop

  25. Simone earrings
    Simone earrings

    34mm drop

  26. Bella earrings
    Bella earrings

    85mm drop

  27. Roma earrings
    Roma earrings

    60mm drop

  28. Bergamo earrings
    Bergamo earrings

    78mm drop

  29. Pavia earrings
    Pavia earrings

    95mm drop

  30. Milano earrings
    Milano earrings

    47mm drop

  31. Azure earrings
    Azure earrings

    75mm drop

  32. Santorini earrings
    Santorini earrings

    75mm drop

Filter by

32 Gifts

32 Items

32 Gifts