Our new ranges are now available to buy online and in stores! We are so excited to be able to share 5 NEW ranges that our designer Anna Dimond has been working on. During these times of uncertainty it is our hope that Palas, filled with meaning, love and healing, can bring you comfort and protection.

Our NEW ranges include the 'Silver Ocean Goddess' collection which is a stunning curation of all sterling silver pieces. The 'Healing Gem Bracelets' collection is created from all natural gemstones with a brass healing hands charm. The 'Spirit Animals' charm range features animals illustrated by our talented Palas team member Courtney Williams.The 'Natural Soul' collection features brass charms and Swarovski crystals and the 'Dainty Initials' charm range has been designed as a finer offering that can be worn with our other three initial charm ranges.

Anna, Sophia and Courtney road tripped down the coast of South Australia to shoot our 'Silver Ocean Goddess' campaign at the beautiful locations of Second Valley and Kuitpo Forest. How pretty is our own backyard! We were lucky enough to work alongside talented photographer Jacqui Way and model Vaibhavi Lath. The day was as serene and beautiful as it looks in the photos! We hope you love our new collections as much as we do...x


“The ocean is everything I want to be... beautiful, mysterious, wild and free” inspired by the ocean this collection symbolises freedom, healing and balance in all sterling silver with crystals and pearls. Each piece has meaning and purpose, all drawn from my love of the sea at home and abroad.

The magic of the ocean’s colour, waves,sounds, creatures and natural treasures has been captured in this small collection to wear and gift for the true ocean lover and goddess in us all.


Gemstones can have healing properties to benefit you spiritually and physically. These fine gemstone bracelets have a ‘healing hands lotus’ charm attached and can be given on the card as a gift of love and worn on their own or stacked together depending on what gemstones resonate with you.

A true gift of meaning and purpose for anyone in your family or friendship group no matter what they are experiencing in life to give protection, healing, balance, strength, love, prosperity, creativity, energy and luck.


Spirit animals can guide and protect us and their characteristics we can embody or wish to attain. Choose the spirit animal that resonates most with you.

Lion: courage,strength, wisdom and pride. Whale: compassion, solitude and creativity. Elephant: strength wisdom, loyalty and peace. Lady bird: luck, good fortune and prosperity.

Each of our 12 spirit animal charms have a specific meaning which is engraved on the back to remind you of its power and symbolism. Our most popular ‘Bee’ charm has inspired this complete collection all beautifully hand drawn by Courtney Williams and hand crafted by our expert silversmiths in Indonesia.


This collection, illustrated and designed by Courtney Williams, is inspired by Mother Nature and all of the beauty and energy she gives to our world each day. Each of the elements are represented to align with our individual personalities and soul connections. Choose the Goddess that lies within you.

Symbols such as the lotus, offering purity of the heart and mind, and the ancient yin yang symbol of harmony feature in this collection. Protection and energy symbols of hamsa and Om charms and the ‘guiding light’ spinner charm are inspiring gifts especially to mark new beginnings or adventures.


High shine sterling silver with brass frame dainty round initial charms to wear simply on their own or as part of a Palas charm collection on a necklace or bracelet. These handcrafted charms personalise your gift by choosing an initial or the initials of someone’s most favourite people to wear close to their heart every day.

This range was inspired by our customers all over the world who have been asking for a finer charm range to wear with our three best selling initial charm ranges.

Photographer > Jacqui Way
Art Direction > Sophia Genders
Assistant > Courtney Williams
Model > Vaibhavi Lath
Wardrobe >  SteeleTiff ManuellLoup CharmantSignificant Other
Location > Second Valley & Kuitpo Forest, SA