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A charming friendship

A charming friendship

A surprise gift can make a person’s day just at the time when they need it most in their lives. At Palas HQ we love to celebrate kindness, human connection, positivity and love by sending our jewellery to people in our world when they least expect it.

Be the real, quirky, beautiful, true, magical you

Cheryl recently nominated her good friend Sylvia to be surprised and delighted by the Palas team. With a friendship spanning over 20 years, Cheryl and Sylvia have experienced a lot together. Cheryl explained to Palas that sadly Sylvia has been diagnosed with Parkinson disease which has deeply affected her kind and compassionate friend.Still, despite all this, Sylvia is a positive and happy person.

Cheryl gifted Sylvia with some pieces from Palas recently for her 70th Birthday and says she loved her necklace and charms. Sylvia worked in fashion before her retirement and likes to show off her Palas pieces when she goes out which is why her friend nominated her to receive some beautiful charms to add to her collection.

Be the real, magical you slider charm
Friends laugh love circle charm
arrow opening bangle

These two charms, be the real you and friends laugh, love circle on worn with love by Sylvia on a arrow opening bangle. These will always remind her to be her beautiful, quirky self and to laugh and love - even in the darkest of times.

Sylvia, we hope you enjoy your pieces and these charms brighten your day

Love always,
The Palas team x


Courtney Williams


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