Je t'aime de tout mon Coeur,’ (I love you with all my heart). Paris has long been associated with romance, grace and sophistication and in a city alive with culture, fashion and arts it’s not hard to fall in love.

Down a quiet, cobblestone street in the Latin Quarter’s 13th arrondissement, the charming and trendy Hotel Henriette welcomes guest to feel at home in the busy city.

The boutique bohemian design hotel was recently given a much needed ‘nouveau départ’ (fresh start) by former fashion stylist Vanessa Scoffier who designed the hotel as a place where travellers felt they could always return to. Hotel Henriette is like a real life Pinterest board with carefully selected vintage pieces, fresh floral arrangements and tailored décor that contribute to the unique and friendly appeal of the hotel. With each room’s design and decor planned differently, returning guests will encounter new experiences each stay.

9 Rue des Gobelins, 75013 Paris, France
T. +33 1 47 07 26 90


When Palas went to Paris to shoot our new dreamy campaign with Australian stylist Megan Morton, Hotel Henriette provided the stunning backdrop. Our vision for the shoot was to capture the confidence and grace of the Parisienne woman, which is reflected in the soft, dreamy and natural images that featured beautiful model and muse Jo, a local Parisienne beauty. The jewellery featured in the shoot stood out against the flirty and feminine outfits and the use of natural light helped to create an effortless essence.

Palas Jewellery is a very personal brand as you can choose to wear any of our pieces in your own unique way. Our symbols, positive mantra charms, initials and pieces carrying messages of love can be worn in any combination. Megan’s styling truly shows that all of our pieces tie in beautifully together and reflect the personal style of the wearer.

In conjunction with the Palas Goes to Paris campaign’s release, we are also excited to announce the Parisienne Collection, inspired by travel, wanderlust and the quintessentially chic Parisienne woman which will be released later in March. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first one to know about our new range.

Bisoux 💋


Styling > Megan Morton
Photography > The Flo Show
Location > Hotel Henriette, Paris
Model > Jo, a local Parisienne beauty