Jewellery pieces are collected through different stages of our lives and can represent those special moments you experience. It is an incredibly personal way to express yourself through the jewellery you choose to wear as the pieces we treasure can represent so many wonderful stories and memories.

They may have been found during your travels or represent great achievements and even celebrate the important milestones in your life. They may also include precious family heirlooms, which have been passed down and entrusted to you for safekeeping.

Being the designer and CEO of a jewellery company like Palas you would expect nothing less than a gorgeous collection of treasures in my jewellery box. Before I started the company with my sister Eran 21 years ago, jewellery had always played an important role in her life. Eran was really passionate about jewellery and several of her pieces now live in my jewellery box, providing me with a daily dose of strength and positivity from my angel above.

The circular shaped signature Palas charm was actually inspired by a precious gold sovereign coin on a fine gold chain from my Greek Grandmother, Yia-Yia that I discovered 12 years ago. These treasures are all very close to my heart and continue to inspire future Palas collections, which we hope will speak to your heart and become part of your jewellery collection.

Light and love,
Anna x