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Caring for your Palas jewellery

Caring for your Palas jewellery

We love to help here at Palas HQ... when we receive your emails, calls and social media messages we want to offer as much advice as we can! Here is some more information about jewellery care…

On a recent trip to Indonesia to visit our factory and shoot the 2017 Palas campaign we created a series of helpful videos with our CEO, Anna Dimond. Anna talks about the best way to care and polish your charms. First step... make sure you purchase a Palas polishing cloth and use it frequently to keep your beautiful collection looking shiny and new!

We also thought you'd love some extra information about your Palas treasures so read on and feel free to leave a comment below… we’d love to hear from you!

How do I care for my jewellery?

The more you take care of your jewellery, the longer you will be able to enjoy wearing it... here are a few simple tips >

1. We recommend you store your Palas jewellery away from any natural light and heat.

2. Be sure to steer clear of harsh cleaning products (silver dips, soaps etc.), which can discolour your jewellery and leave a film that can dull their appearance.

3. Avoid wearing your jewellery in water at all times as this will cause your items to discolour much faster. For leather designs this will cause the leather to rot and break easily.

4. Apply your make-up, hair spray and perfume before you put your jewellery on. The chemicals in them may damage the finish of the metals if sprayed directly on to them.

What is Palas jewellery made of?

All of our pieces are designed by Anna Dimond in Australia and handmade from solid sterling silver, bronze, brass, pewter and copper by skilled artisans in Indonesia.

Basics > our necklaces, bracelets and bangles are made from a mixture of sterling silver, brass, leather, rose gold plating and some designs have stainless steel clasps.

Why does my jewellery tarnish?

Your beautiful handcrafted Palas treasures should be handled with love at all times! All sterling silver, bronze, brass, and copper will naturally tarnish over time but it will happen much faster when it comes into contact with perfume, salty air, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine, sea water, perspiration and acidic skin. Hot and humid conditions can also cause metals to tarnish over time. The amount of tarnishing that occurs is dependent on the skin and care habits of the wearer.

Can I wear Palas in water?

Charms, leather and water… are not such great friends — we suggest removing your jewellery before showering and swimming. Water will cause leather to rot and weaken and can, therefore lead to breakages. Charms will discolour when exposed to certain elements, be sure to treat your collection with love.

Can I use silver dip to polish my charms?

The use of silver dip will cause your charms to discolour and we suggest only using a Palas polishing cloth to clean your charms. However, you can silver dip our sterling silver chains but remember to remove all charms first!

Please note > rose gold plated necklaces and bracelets should never be polished or silver dipped as this will remove the plating.

How hard should I press when cleaning my charms?

Ok we get asked this one a whole lot, and we find that firm pressure makes a huge difference… all it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and the charms more often than not, polish up like new.

How often should I polish my collection?

We suggest that you polish your charms every 2–3 months as this helps maintain their beautiful state. This may need to be more frequent in summer due to the hot and sweaty conditions. Please avoid the use of silver dip or paste as they contain harsh chemicals that will damage the metals as well as the protective lacquer our charms are coated in.

Adhering to the Palas care and handling instructions will help to ensure a long and happy life for your Palas collection!


Courtney Williams


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    I have a fine leather bolt ring bracelet with a charm on it. I cant get it on and off myself, I have to get my partner to do it for me which is frustrating. Have you any tips? I am tempted to leave it on permanently but after reading you jewellery care realise that it wouldn't be a good idea. Thanks

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