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How to care for your Palas treasures...

How to care for your Palas treasures...

Your Palas treasures were designed and handcrafted with love so should be treated with care at all times. The materials used to create Palas pieces include sterling silver, brass, bronze and copper, which will tarnish naturally over time. This process will occur more rapidly if they come into contact with perfume, acidic skin, salty air, skin creams, hair spray, chlorine, seawater and perspiration.

Our fantastic polishing cloths contain a solution in their fabric that cleans, polishes and helps your charms, bangles and chains to shine even brighter. We usually suggest to polish your charms every 2-3 months with a Palas polishing cloth and at only $10 these cloths are affordable and make the perfect addition to any gift.

Anna Dimond is the CEO and Designer of Palas Jewellery and on a recent trip to visit our factory we decided to create this helpful video to show you how to care and polish your charms, chains and bangles. Watch the video on how to polish your charms to see them truly sparkle just like you!

All of our leathers should also be kept away from water as they will rot and break easily if exposed. Please remember to remove all of your Palas jewellery before showering and swimming.

Store your Palas pieces away the elements with one of our beautiful gold jewellery boxes, which are also perfect for keeping your pieces together while travelling between places. Adhering to these care and handling instructions will ensure your Palas collection has a long, happy and sparkling life.


Step 1 for polishing jewellery charms

Step 1 >
Gather together your Palas charms and chains and purchase a polishing cloth online or from a Palas stockist.

Step 2 - polishing your jewellery charms

Step 2 >
Depending on how tarnished the charms are, you may need to vigorously rub your charms in order to get them shining bright. Don’t be alarmed at the black marks that will appear on the cloth because this means it is doing its job! You can continue to use it until all the yellow has disappeared. Please do not wash your polishing cloth, as the solution will be removed.

Holding polished, sparkling charms

Step 3 >
Your charms are now clean and should be shining even brighter. Be sure to treat your whole Palas collection with love by protecting them from elements such as moisture and heat.

Please note that rose gold plated necklaces and bracelets should never be polished or silver dipped as this will remove the plating and do not use silver dip on our charms, as it will discolour them. You can silver dip our sterling silver chains just be sure to remove all of your charms first.


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