There is a desirable appeal around Paris that attracts lovers, shoppers, history enthusiasts and gourmands from all over the world. The people are quintessentially chic in every aspect from their style to their attitude and the famous landmarks are true wonders that attract people from far and wide.

Jess Diguet found herself in love with the history, fashion and architecture in Paris after travelling to so many beautiful places around the world. Originally from the seaside town of Biarritz, (southwest of France’s Basque coast) she grew up close to the border with Spain in a major surfing destination.

Jess used to manage the gorgeous Hotel Henriette in Paris, also the location of our recent dreamy and divine campaign created with Australian stylist Megan Morton. The bohemian boutique hotel, designed by former fashion stylist Vanessa Scoffier has hosted many famous faces. The beautifully curated vintage décor and design have also been featured in countless fashion and design magazines, which have all been overseen by Jess.

Here she reveals her favourite places to go in Paris, where she finds her daily inspiration and the personal significance of her Palas Jewellery pieces.


Town of origin… Biarritz, France. Currently living… in Paris. Friends describe me as… “Limited edition”. Guilty pleasure… Shoes I can’t help myself, it’s too hard to resist… Dreaming of… Becoming a writer. Favourite French saying… impossible n’est pas Français (impossible is not French). Finding inspiration in… my travels. Favourite store in Paris… was Colette (department store) however it closed at the end of 2017 which was very sad... so my other favourite store is Gilbert Jeune, it’s a book store a very big, big one where I buy 5 to 10 books per month! I love to read and get away...


Firstly in your opinion, is Paris the city of lights or the city of love and why?
I would say city of lights, French people don’t think that Paris is that romantic and full of love. But the city at night is amazing with all the lights along the river, that’s something you have to see once in your life.

Through your many travels across the world, how/why did you fall in love with Paris?
I fell in love with the city, the history, the architecture, but also the shops! I felt like I could have and do everything I wanted when I first arrived.

On your days off from managing Hotel Henriette where can we usually find you?
With my friends! They are my family here since I’m alone. My family lives 800kms away.
We love to get a glass of wine and talk about everything that comes to our minds.

Where is your favourite place to visit/eat/shop in Paris and how did you find it?
Lately it is the Louis Vuitton Foundation has been my favourite place to visit as it always has very nice expositions. My favourite place to eat would be my best friend’s apartment. She is one hell of a cook! Any southwest restaurants also remind me of home. With my favourite place to shop I have to admit that I buy a lot of things online. I don’t have much time to do shopping but I always found time to go to Colette to see the new arrivals before it closed at the end of 2017. The best way to find something is Paris is to just walk around and get lost in the city, that’s how you find the best places.

Where do you go to find peace in such a busy city?
I go to my couch with a very nice book in my hands. I love to read, its so relaxing.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you choose to be?
In Seoul, South Korea. That’s the city of my heart; I’m so in love with Seoul. Love at the first sight you know that? My first time there I just thought DAMN I LOVE IT! And now I’m going over there almost every year.

Seoul, South Korea


What does a typical day for you at Hotel Henriette include?
Laughing! Mostly having a nice time with my colleagues. That’s important in the place you spend a lot of your time. Beside that I’m dealing with the guests, the requests of photo shoots and basically supervising everything in the Hotel.

What is so unique about Hotel Henriette, historically/now?
Now: The design! We are all the design magazines but also in the fashion ones. And our staff. Historically I would say the area, the small cobblestone street with old buildings are so Parisian!

Have you encountered any famous faces passing through Hotel Henriette?
Yes we have mostly French actors and actresses but also models and singers.


Who or what inspires you?
Travelling! Finding new cultures and other ways of life is very inspiring. I spend a lot of time in planes to be able to discover everything the world as to offer, to discover amazing countries and cities and most of all to be able to meet amazing people all over the world.

Do you have an inspirational quote or mantra you look to for daily guidance?
I’ve got ‘Oser c’est faire,’ (to dare is to do) tattooed on my arm. When I question myself I just look at it and I’m like “right just do it and you’ll see’’.

Oser c'est faire


Can you tell us a bit about your personal Palas collection? Explain the significance of your piece/s.
I have a pendant with a “J” not only because it is the first letter of my name, but that’s also the first letter of almost all the people I love in my life; my brother, father, mother, best friend and even my favourite Korean singer.

Jess Diguet and her initial charm
'J' petite initial $36
'J' cut out initial $53
'J' script initial $36
(All initial charms are available in A–Z)
Jess Diguet (left) and her best friend


Who would you be charmed to meet, and why?
I would be charmed to meet too many people that’s a hard question... let’s see... I would say... maybe my future husband and father of my children, he’s hiding somewhere still haven’t find him yet. Why? I’m 30, it’s about time ☺