When Kelly Baker-Jamieson became frustrated with choosing beautiful bouquets of flowers online for friends and family then seeing what was actually delivered, she decided to do something about it. With her passion for gifting, her entrepreneurial brain and an ability to think outside the box she launched Edible Blooms, a unique gifting service where delicious food and flowers are combined into a more thoughtful and unique gift.


Mum to… Jack (6) and Elizabeth (3).
Country of origin… Australia.
Currently living… our farm at Port Elliot.
Dreaming of… our next family holiday!
Guilty pleasure… chocolate.
Friends would describe me as… optimistic and organised.
Finding inspiration in… nature and while I am exercising.
Fate or hard work? Hard work. Absolutely!


What’s your house like in the morning? Chaos or organised bliss? 
Simply chaos.

Do you have a morning routine? 
Every day is different for me because I split my week between working from home and either our Adelaide Head Office or travelling interstate. On the days I commute to Adelaide I try and leave before 7am, whereas the days I work from home I enjoy helping the children get ready and dropping them off to school.

You’re running multiple brands but what do you like to do in your downtime?  
Spending time with my family is number one.  My husband Andrew has been renovating our old farm house so that keeps us pretty busy out of work hours.  The children and I have a lot of fun cooking together, too. They love to create so sometimes we just put things together and see how it turns out - some experiments are more successful than others!

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?  


What was the reaction when you first started telling people the idea of edible blooms
It varied between ‘wow’ and ‘what?’ but as soon as they saw an actual ‘edible bloom’ they loved the idea. It makes so much sense to me to combine delicious food and flowers into one gift delivery.

You’ve grown the business to include multiple gifting brands, what was behind the brand’s evolution?
It grew in response to customer feedback. Customers showed that they trusted us with their bouquet delivery so we started to begin delivering hampers and other alternatives to fresh flowers. This was the beginning of Green Thumb Gifts our living plant delivery offering.

There’s a theme to your business of plants and flowers, would you say you had green fingers?  
Our plant business is managed by my husband, Andrew, who thankfully has much greener fingers than me.

What does the term entrepreneur mean to you? 
Being an entrepreneur is simply about taking an idea and making it a commercial reality.  There are plenty of ideas out there, it’s the transformation of an idea into a service or product that people actually purchase that’s the hard part.  For every successful product in our range, there are many more that have hit the cutting room floor.

You’re the queen of gifting but who’s the hardest person in your life to buy for? 
My husband, Andrew. I find men the hardest to buy for and so, with his help, we are working on increasing our gifting range for blokes.


How has having your children changed the way you work? 
Children add a layer of creativity to how you manage your day. I have spent part of my working week from home since before having children, and I have always used a lot of technology in the business to increase our flexibility and communication.

Can we talk about the motherhood juggle? What’s the one thing you’ve decided ‘doesn’t matter…’     
Motherhood is a constant compromise – you’ll never get it perfect but you need to get it as right as you can.  I’m okay about running out of the house and closing the door on a mess.

What’s your favourite way to spend time with the family? 
A disco with my kids or just enjoying the outdoors with my children and husband in our back garden.

How would you describe your family? What makes you most proud of your tribe? 
I love how affectionate my children are to us – I hope they always give lots of ‘huggles’.  There’s nothing better than walking in the backdoor after a day at the office and being greeted with huge smiles and a hug from my kids and a kiss from my husband.


How would you describe your personal style? 
Classic and simple.

Whose style do you most admire and why?   
I think Anna from Palas has great style and I am also a big fan of Megan Park – I buy quite a few of her pieces as they can be dressed up for work or worn simply as casual wear.


How will you spend Mother’s Day? 
The kids will likely wake me up with a homemade card and then we’ll go out for a special lunch with my sister and parents.  Mother’s Day is also a special day for us to remember my husband’s mother Bunty. Andrew was very close to his Mum and it’s one of the things I love most about him, she was an amazing human.


You have created a beautiful piece of Palas jewellery to give to your Mum this Mother’s Day. Can you share the story behind the charms you have chosen?

I chose a stunning neck cuff for my mum to wear with a special selection of charms.

Love You Nana charm – this is for the world’s best grandmother to Jack and Elizabeth.

‘M’ Cut Out Initial Charm – a joint symbol for ‘Mum’ and her name, ‘Margaret’.

My Heart Charm – to remind her each day just how much we all love her.

Mandala Cut Out and Moroccan Outline Charms – and the decorative charms are for just for their sheer beauty as my mum has this in spades, both inside and out.


Who would you be charmed to meet, and why? 
I have always admired Quentin Bryce for her style and her ability to combine career and motherhood.