Everything happens for a reason… tonight I have a big smile in my heart after such a soul soothing weekend with a lot of time to myself to really reflect on the past few months and what it is I’m truly wanting in life. For all of us it is ‘happiness’ of course but on a deeper level I have learned that true happiness is when I can lie in bed at night with my soul truly at peace. This is a choice.

Previously I was waiting for the hard times and chaos to subside but this is life, that stuff comes in waves with all of the great things.

My soul is at peace as I truly believe everything does happen for a reason in the time and sequence that is perfect for our journey. To trust the process and not fight it brings peace.

For me happiness is a personal choice to grab onto those people who fill your life with love and live every moment with you. Hang in there beautiful friends it is all going to work out better than you ever believed. Just believe.

Light and love,
Anna x

Eventually all of the pieces
fall into place. Until then
laugh at the confusion,
live for the moment
and know everything
happens for a reason.