We are so thrilled to announce the launch of three new ranges designed by our CEO Anna Dimond. These new ranges are particularly close to Anna's heart as they have been inspired by a new sense of freedom which has emerged from challenging times she has overcome recently.

The new collections comprise of a new 'Free Spirit' bohemian collection, 'The World is your Oyster' pearl collection, and 'From the Heart' charm range. We also have two new fob chains debuting in our separates range for those who love to layer their Palas necklaces and charms!

The 'Free Spirit' bohemian collection represents symbols of healing and empowerment designed in Australia and inspired by the coastal beauty of Byron Bay, Bondi and Bali. As the Free Spirit bohemian collection was inspired by Anna's love for Byron Bay we thought it was only fair that we got to shoot the collection there 😉 We were lucky enough to work with some absolutely amazing people that made the experience truly memorable and made our Free Spirit campaign one of our all time favourites.

A huge thanks to our talented team: Model Emmely Been, photographer Kata Bayer, videographer Mos & Co, hair and makeup stylist Nahid Kholghi and our own art director Sophia Genders.


The Free Spirit bohemian collection represents the present time in Anna's life where she now feels truly free! She has emerged from some very challenging times the past few years, wiser, happier, healthier and glowing from the inside out!

Courtney Williams has created illustrations for the dragonfly, owl and butterfly charms in this collection.

These ‘spirit animals’ have powerful meaning and have been beautifully interpreted by Courtney, a very talented member of the Palas team who has just let us know what a wonderful illustrator she is!


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In May 2019 Anna spent a glorious week in her second home, Bali with three of her closest girlfriends.

These beautiful girls and Anna have been lifelong friends and make sure to travel together at least once a year. They have all been there for her through the glittering highs and devastating lows of which she has had many!

This trip inspired 'The World is your Oyster' pearl collection... Anna was eating oysters with her friend Sarah at Potato Head and as she bit down on one of the oysters she discovered a natural pearl!

That was a clear sign from the universe – how could she not design a pearl collection! This collection signifies where Anna is at right now in her life and is a reminder that the world, in all of its natural beauty, has physical and spiritual gifts that it presents to us each day, we just need to be open and grateful enough to see and receive them.

Pearl collection image


Heart charms have always been one of our most popular symbols. In many ranges Anna has included hearts and this little range features some best selling heart designs with new heart charms.

‘From The Heart’ is inspired by Anna's love of hearts – She has always signed off letters and cards with a hand drawn heart.

Creating charms that symbolise love in anyone’s language has formed the perfect charm offering to ‘collect, inspire and share’.


Crafted by our expert chain maker in Italy we have two new ball chains to add to our separates collection.

These ball chains come with a delicate fob designed to wear on its own or to thread charms on to.

One is solid sterling silver and the other yellow gold plate on solid sterling silver. You can also layer these chains with our other silver and gold plated ball chain designs.

Model > Emmely Been
Photographer > Kata Bayer
Art Direction > Sophia Genders
H&MU > Nahid Kholghi
Video > Mos & Co
Wardrobe > Arnhem Clothing & Steele
Location > Byron Bay, NSW