The Palas collection is inspired by many influences and experiences in my life, particularly by the wonderful friendships that I have cultivated since school days. There is great truth in the belief that 'Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back'.

Girlfriends build you up and love you through your successes, failures, pain and joy. I could not have grown through the death of my younger sister or a marriage separation without my tribe of girls loving me through every moment and dropping everything to be by my side. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes...

I feel their unconditional love every day from the ones whom I see all of the time and my other besties who live in other countries... 'Friends are connected heart to heart, distance and time can't break them apart'.

Tiff Manuell is my best friend, we have grown our businesses, families and ourselves, side by side. Tiff is a true inspiration to me in every sense of the word. Artistically and business wise she is an incredible success globally... but so very modest .

We have travelled the world together, sharing joy and love of the same things. We adore one another's children and truly offer an unconditional love that is a precious gift in a friendship. We can talk for hours and hours even if we just saw one another the day before.

Leather bracelet wth a bronze charm attached
3 charms on a bead and ball chain
Soul sisters charm on a rose gold leather bracelet

We share our weekly gratitudes by text every Sunday night, we laugh, exercise, shop, dine and drink French champagne together! We bounce design and business concepts off one another and are always open and honest. I truly could not have got though my most devastating experiences without Tiff...

True friends build you up and want nothing more from you other than to see you happy, glowing, fulfilled and creating 'good times and amazing memories' together. These girls are my tribe – they are my soul sisters.

Anna x

Celebration leather charm bracelets
Here I am holding a beautiful Tiff Manuell clutch and wearing Palas' coloured leather charm bracelets.