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Gift ideas for a wife, girlfriend or loved one

Finding that special someone you want to spend your life with is a true blessing that should be celebrated daily. We know that finding a personalised or meaningful gift for your loved one however can be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes you may have so much you want to say but cannot seem to find the right words to express how much they mean to you. Luckily we are one step ahead and you can rest assured we have something your loved one will be able to treasure and cherish for years to come.

Gift your wife, girlfriend or loved one with a beautiful Palas piece this Valentine's Day, for an upcoming birthday, a milestone or simply just because. Show your love by choosing a piece, which will act as a reminder that your love and connection is endless even during the times you are physically apart. With countless charm options, a heartfelt gift for your loved one is only a few clicks away.

We can even gift wrap your Palas present which includes a lovely handwritten card with a special message from you and a jewellery polishing cloth so she can care for her pieces. We will also express deliver it to their door if you would like to surprise them.

Don't forget to add initials to personalise your gift even more >

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