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Gifts for inspiration and strength

Gifts for inspiration and strength

Positive and uplifting words of love and encouragement are priceless in their value and can never be said to other people and yourself enough. Our Palas symbol and mantra charm’s are beautiful reminders to have courage, stay positive and believe in your abilities every day. Gifting someone with a special message containing the right words during a hard or difficult time is a beautiful way of expressing your compassion, sympathy and affection for them. Alternatively choosing to create a bespoke Palas piece for yourself with a daily reminder to stay strong is one of the best ways to remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Layered charm necklace


Choose these handcrafted and authentic charms for a daily dose of inspiration and positivity. Wear them close as a reminder, an affirmation, a sign. Share in the connection and create a truly personalised gift to uplift your family and friends. These affordable charms are ideal for spoiling the special people in your life and will exist as a symbol of inspiration and love, from one heart to another.

Black leather bracelet - reach for the stars
charm bracelet and purse


Offer strength and inspiration to your friends and family with these handcrafted charms engraved with genuine, positive and uplifting words of love. Gift them as an enlightening symbol of strength to those in need, or purchase them for yourself to wear as a daily symbol of encouragement to believe in yourself. Palas charms are a reminder, a sign, and an affirmation designed to be shared from one heart to another.

Personalised necklace charms


Beginning your Palas story is easy with our beautiful ‘starter necklaces’ and ‘starter bracelets’. Our ‘starter sets’ currently have a 15% saving making it the perfect time for you to begin your Palas story with a wonderful range of charms to live and love by.

Choose your favourite symbol or mantra charms and add your own initial or the initials of your loved ones to create a gorgeous personalised piece for you to wear and treasure daily. Our starter bracelets are currently at the special price of $91 (valued at $107) and our starter necklaces are only $63 (valued at $73).

Our ‘starter sets’ also make the perfect gift for the special people in your life and you can add many charms that represent significant moments and milestones in your special relationship. Our ‘starter bracelet’ includes our lovely ‘XO’ charm on a 6cm diameter silver fine opening bangle, and our ‘starter necklace’ comes with a ‘Silver Open Heart Charm’ on a 50cm Italian ball chain.

Remember to connect and share your Palas journey with us and we hope these pieces bring you strength, positivity and inspiration.

Light and Love,
Anna and the Palas team x

Starter sets - bespoke bracelet & necklace


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