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Farewell | GIFT IDEAS

Farewell | GIFT IDEAS

It only takes a minute to say hello, but it can take forever to say goodbye to the special people in our lives. It is a true blessing to have enough love for a person that makes it difficult to say goodbye to them. They may be embarking on a new career adventure, jetting off to see the world or simply following their heart. Whether they are spending a short time away or creating a new place to call home, have faith that no matter how much time passes you are always connected through the memories and love that you share with each other. Goodbyes are not forever, your story has not reached its end; know in your heart one day you’ll see each other again.


Are you struggling to find the ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’? At Palas we understand that sometimes you can’t find the right words to say farewell to someone who is important to you. Perhaps they are going to live the life they have always imagined and are looking to make new, amazing memories wherever the world may take them. Our range of farewell charms will offer your loved ones who are moving away a symbol of protection, comfort and guidance as they embark on a new journey.

Thoreau quote charm and compass


Careers and jobs fill our bank accounts but travel feeds our soul and makes us truly rich. Travel is one of the most beneficial experiences for the soul as it teaches a person so much about the world and themselves. Your loved ones will all experience the wanderlust bug at some point which may mean sadly you cannot be there exploring beside them. Gifting your loved one with a special handcrafted travel companion they can wear and treasure during their adventure is a beautiful gesture to remind them to trust the journey and be safe, but live boldly. A little piece of home is sometimes all a person needs to feel comforted and protected in a new and unfamiliar place.


Beginning your Palas story is easy with our beautiful starter necklace and bracelet. Our starter sets currently have a 15% saving making it the perfect time for you to begin your Palas story with a wonderful range of charms to live and love by.

Choose your favourite symbol or mantra charms and add your own initial or the initials of your loved ones to create a gorgeous personalised piece for you to wear and treasure daily. Our starter bracelets are currently at the special price of $91 (valued at $107) and our starter necklaces are only $63 (valued at $73).

Our starter sets also make the perfect gift for the special people in your life and you can add many charms that represent significant moments and milestones in your special relationship. The bracelet includes our lovely XO charm on a 6cm diameter silver fine opening bangle, and the necklace comes with a silver open heart charm on a 50cm Italian ball chain.

Remember to connect and share your Palas journey with us and we hope these pieces bring you strength, positivity and inspiration.

Light and Love,
Anna and the Palas team x

Starter sets - bespoke bracelet & necklace


Sophia Genders


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