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Girls trips...the best therapy ever!

Girls trips...the best therapy ever!

I am so very lucky to have wonderful groups of girlfriends whom I travel with throughout the year, for us all these ‘girls trips’ are better than therapy! They are time to connect with one another, share the highs and lows, talk, laugh, cry, dance, sing and celebrate. Uninterrupted time to really listen to one another and what is going on in our lives, build one another up and relish our beautiful and long lasting connections.

I am a huge exponent of the ‘girls trip’ – girls have communication down pat but often in our busy working mother lives we don’t always get that opportunity. To be free for a weekend or a week with your friends by your side not only uplifts the soul but we all end the trip feeling lighter, stronger, more loved and ready to embrace or tackle whatever lies ahead.

One of my last few girls trips was to Bali for 5 days with Tiff Manuell, Sarah Merrigan and Catherine Henwood, here are some snaps of our beautiful Villa @villalayar where we spent most of our time in ‘tropical therapy’ ;)

Book your girls trip now, even if it is a year away, always have at least one in the calendar…they are essential.

Light and love,
Anna X


Anna Dimond


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