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At Palas, we believe that ‘good friends are like stars. You might not always see them but they are always there’. We were recently introduced to the heartwarming story of Kym, Gemma and Pippa. Three best friends with a friendship that spanned 28 years through the happy and the sad, the good and the bad. We were blessed to be able to play a small role in keeping the memories of this special friendship alive for Pippa’s three special nieces.


Their story began in primary school when Kym met Gemma in first grade. Fast forward to high school and two became three when they met Pippa and tallied up 28 years of friendship and memories together. Unfortunately, Pippa was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in January 2015 and only a week later found out it had also spread to her liver, hip and spine. “Gemma and I, both based in our home state of Western Australia, made many flights to Victoria over the next two years to be with Pip,” Kym explains. “She moved home at the beginning of 2017 after the cancer spread to her brain and she was in the terminal phase. We were with her till the very end”.

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To keep the memories of their special friendship alive, Pippa left her dear friends a letter which Kym wanted to share with us and you:

“There have been adventures, fun, happiness, sadness, life, boys, antics, family drama and I wouldn’t have changed a thing or done it with anyone but you… You will always be with me and I will be with you”.

Although the friends may have been separated by the seas or state borders for several chapters in their lives, they were always united.

“The three of us bought the ‘trio heart jigsaw' Palas charm when we were all together in Albany,” says Kym. “We wear it with another Palas charm which reads ‘best friends are sisters we choose from the heart’."

The charms will always remind us of a special time spent together and the bond we shared that will never be broken.


Although Pippa didn’t have any children, she was extremely close to her three nieces Scarlett, Annabella and Maddison.

“The little girls always used to play with our Palas charms,” says Kym. “Pippa always promised she would get them one. Unfortunately, time got in the way of Pippa fulfilling this promise so I took it upon myself to try and do this for her so her girls will have a keepsake as she wished”.

After many attempts to find this charm to buy again, Kym reached out to the Palas team and we managed to find one last remaining charm for her as this design had been discontinued and was no longer available in stores/online.

“For one I cannot believe it was the only charm remaining!” says Kym “Pure luck! I am blown away by your compassion and generosity. It won’t be forgotten”.


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