I designed this range after my recent travels through Greece. This beautiful new Greek Islands collection symbolises the beauty, history, character and emotional connection I felt in this magical place.

Each piece is named after a Greek goddess or island and can be worn on their own or layered with other Palas designs.

On the island of Kastellorizo I sat on the water's edge and watched the 'super moon' appear, it was an incredible experience to see this full moon which made its closest approach to the Earth. This huge moon lit up the Mediterranean Sky with such power and beauty.

This experience was a first for me and inspired the moon and star motifs in this Greek Islands collection.

Mediterranean sky necklace and Corfu earrings.

My first stop in Greece was Athens, a stunning city surrounding the Acropolis which is beautifully lit up at night. The cobble stone streets and iconic landmarks in this ancient city are simply breathtaking.

Matte gold and tassels are featured throughout ancient Greek jewellery and artefacts that I saw as I made my way through these tiny lane ways and streets dotted with local and tourist shops. I have interpreted the tassels to reflect designs of the past blended with a modern edge that is open to being layered, wrapped and stacked in a sophisticated and earthy style.

Athenian lariat and Rhodes bracelet.

This bracelet encapsulates many elements of inspiration, the mati, gold, shell and pearl...all materials that feature thought Greece naturally and in architecture and objects. The mati is something I have known from my childhood where my Greek Grandmother (Yaya) would pin a tiny mati onto my baby singlet to protect me from the 'evil eye' and keep me safe. The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware and may cause misfortune or injury.Talismans such as the Greek mati were created to protect against the evil eye. I fell in love with all of the stunning Mati that are cemented in the doorways and steps of the old Greek houses especially on the tiny islands, they are such beautiful icons visually and spiritually.

Athena protection bracelet.

The ornate ironwork on the windows of the colourful houses inspired many of the earring designs in this collection. Open iron work details have been re-interpreted into these delicate but bold statement earrings.

Textured brass throughout this collection resembles handcrafted ancient Greek jewellery designs and finishes.

Santorini earrings.


This trip to Greece was an emotional one, discovering my heritage and the birthplace of my much loved Grandmother, Yaya. If you haven’t already, please read more about my adventure (click here).

Our Greek Islands collection is available online and in stores now! Click here to find a stockist near you... light and love, Anna X