Palas Jewellery is handcrafted in Java and Bali, Indonesia by skilled silversmiths whose art is slowly disappearing from many other parts of the world. Using bronze, brass, sterling silver and copper, they handcraft each piece with as much passion as I pour into my designs.

Their attention to detail shines through, resulting in a beautiful finish that can only be achieved with handcrafting and polishing.

Each piece of Palas jewellery has this beautiful energy because so many hands touch it at many different points in the production process. This is all done with love and wanting to bring a beautiful piece of jewellery to the world.

I am thrilled to share with you our 'Handcrafted with Love' film that was shot at our sampling head office in Bali, featuring one of the owners and her talented and passionate team.

I am continually inspired by the artistic ingenuity of my manufacturers who share my focus on creating jewellery filled with love, passion and integrity. All designs are handcrafted in solid sterling silver, brass, bronze and copper by traditional Indonesian artisans drawing on centuries of jewellery making skills coupled with modern day ethical production standards.

I have worked with the same factory for many years – almost since Palas was first created. The owners express their passion for the handmade process beautifully...

'None of this would be possible without the unique skills of our talented silversmiths. We need to take care of them, and of their special art that is disappearing from some parts of the world. Indonesia is really special to have these skilled workers. We truly cherish the handmade process and the look only hands on polishing can achieve’.

The sincere culture of kindness and warmth the Balinese exude is what drew me in all those years ago, I instantly fell in love with the island's people and surroundings.

The creativity I feel when I am here is like no other place and I feel incredibly grateful to call Bali a second home. I owe so much to this island and its very talented artisans for crafting and evolving my jewellery with passion and kindness.

These qualities are reflected in the Palas jewellery itself - it truly vibrates love because so many loving hands have touched each piece.

Light and love,
Anna x