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Make it personal with initials | HOW TO

Make it personal with initials | HOW TO

Personalise and customise your Palas jewellery with our stunning initial charms. These handcrafted charms are the perfect complement to any Palas piece to truly make it your own.

Choose your initial or the initial of your family and friends to wear them close to your heart always. Create a heartfelt and personal gift by including your loved one's initial alongside other hand-picked charms from our collection offering messages of comfort, strength and positivity.

We offer three different styles to choose from, a doubled sided sterling silver petite initial, large cut out sterling silver and brass initial and our script initials that are a mixture of sterling silver, bronze and brass.

Petite Initial charms A-Z
Petite Initial charms A-Z


Solid sterling silver initial charm available in every letter of the alphabet (A – Z). This handmade double-sided charm is a great way to customise your Palas collection and a lovely way to represent each member of your family.

One side of the charm has the upper case version of the letter, while the other has the lower case so it can be worn whichever way the wearer pleases.

Petite Initial charm 'C'
Petite Initial charm 'A'
Petite Initial charm 'D'
Petite Initial charm 'N'
Initial charms A-Z
Script Initial charms A-Z


This charm range has been designed with a mixture of different script fonts and a range of solid sterling silver, bronze and brass metals.

Each initial has been designed individually, hence they are all distinct and look great when worn together. There is a different initial charm available for every letter of the alphabet (A – Z) and all are a beautiful contrast to the plain sterling silver initials.

Script initial charms | Palas Jewellery
Script Initial charm 'A'
Script Initial charm 'L'
Script Initial charm 'S'
Cut Out Initial charms A-Z
Cut Out Initial charms A-Z


Sterling silver and brass large initial charm available in every letter of the alphabet (A – Z). This beautiful charm is a lovely way to personalise your treasured Palas collection or surprise someone special with a customised gift of love.

Choose an initial to represent each member of your family both past and present to hold them close to you always. This large cut out charm is a key item for anyone's collection and makes a great statement piece when combined with other Palas charms.

'M' cut out initial
Cut out initial charm 'B'
Cut out initial charm 'S'
Cut out initial charms | Palas Jewellery


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Cut out initial charm necklace
Script initial charm bracelet
Wearing initials necklace
wearing initial charm bracelet

'M' for Macayla.  As a child I thought my parents were so cruel for giving me a name that everybody struggles to pronounce or spell. As I reached my teens I began to love my ‘strange’ name. It gave me a real sense of individuality.

Macayla, NSW


The letters 'E' and 'K' are the initials of my two older children, Kai and Eva. They are the most kind, loving, beautiful children and despite everything we have been through together, I feel like we have built a loving happy home as a single parent household.

Nikki, SA


The ‘D’  script initial charm is for my mother’s name, Diane (or Disi, as she is affectionately called by her friends). My cousins and I also often refer to my mum as ‘sweet D’.

Marnie, SA


Courtney Williams


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  • Sharon Colantuono
    Sharon Colantuono 22 February 2018 at 11:13 pm

    I have a necklace that I love to wear as it has the initials of my three children. They say that the initial that falls to the front is my favourite child. needless to say that they are always fiddling with the charms to put their initials at the front. i have also spoken to other people that are wearing palas letter charms about what the initials mean to them.

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