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Lariats | HOW TO

Lariats | HOW TO

Fashion, in particular jewellery, is moving towards a more simple and effortless era while still being bold and directional at the same time. Instead of chunky, bib necklaces and cocktail rings clogging our social feeds we are double tapping images of delicate, fine and personalised jewellery. This minimalist jewellery trend has seen the lariat rise in popularity as it is so versatile and adds detail and individuality to an outfit.

The art of making your necklaces look effortlessly put together and cool rather than over-the-top and messy is something lariats can easily solve. Our lariats have been designed and handcrafted with love to be worn in a multitude of styles. The Palas signature style is all about mixing metals and materials so all of our pieces look beautiful layered together. Adorning your décolletage with fun, quirky and cool pairings that compliment your outfit and work with the rest of your accessories help your personality to shine through.

Leather lariats are extremely popular as they add a bohemian, cool and edgy effect to an outfit. Wear it loosely like you would a chain necklace, tightly around your neck like a choker or around your wrist as a bracelet for an unexpected take. To create a personalised, bespoke piece, adorn your leather lariat with your favourite Palas inspiration, initial and symbol charms.

These delicate pieces are handcrafted with love from a mixture of solid sterling silver, brass, bronze and mother of pearl. They are a subtle, yet statement-making pieces that create a gorgeous waterfall type effect down your décolletage and look beautiful worn with a variety of necklines. For an ethereal effect, pair your chain lariat with a V-shaped neckline as it creates the same shape with the way it hangs. Wear these lariats layered with other necklaces of contrasting length or on their own for an understated, minimal effect. You could even wear the lariat back to front and let it hang down your back with a low back dress or top for a surprising, creative take.

Our silk cotton lariats are handmade and have been inspired by our CEO and designer Anna Dimond’s travels to stunning, exotic destinations. These elegant lariats can be worn in a multitude of ways including as a choker, around the wrist or tied in a bow meaning they suit the individual style of the wearer.


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