Palas' inspire classics charm range takes the collection back to where it started... inspirational words that have touched my own heart, that have given me strength and inspiration when I have needed it most.

Inspirational charms have become a core part of the Palas collection, to reflect my own challenging experiences in life from grief and divorce, managing other's illnesses, through to business pressures.

This is all life experience and is nothing unique to me but what these challenges have given me is compassion and an understanding of the power of simple words, (at the right time) to give you the strength and reminder to 'trust the journey' and always 'focus on the good'.

symbolic charms and necklaces

Messages of hope, strength, love and gratitude are encapsulated in these elegant charm designs, to add to your own or a loved ones Palas collection and wear close to your heart each day.

I hope you find the perfect charms in this range that resonate with your own life as it is now, something that symbolises where you are and where you wish to be in your heart and mind.

Light and love,
Anna x

Brave and true charm necklace
Reach for the stars charm
Trust the wait and journey charm necklace
Grateful heart charm
New beginning charm necklace
Grateful heart double sided charm
Brave and true charm
Reach for the stars charm bracelet
Trust the wait charm
Grateful heart charm bracelet
New beginning charm
Grateful heart double sided charm necklace