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Keep your Palas shining bright

Keep your Palas shining bright

Your beautiful handcrafted Palas treasures should be cared for with love at all times! The materials used to create our pieces include sterling silver, bronze, brass, pewter and copper, which will tarnish over time.

This can occur much faster when they come into contact with perfume, salty air, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine, seawater, perspiration and acidic skin.

To care for your charms, bangles and chains we have these fantastic polishing cloths, which contain a solution in the fabric, which cleans, polishes and helps your Palas pieces to shine even brighter.

We usually polish our charms every 2–3 months with one of these cloths and this helps maintain their stunning state. Our Palas polishing cloth is a must have for any jewellery lover and at only $10, it makes the perfect addition to any gift. Adhering to the Palas care and handling instructions will help to ensure a long and happy life for your Palas collection!

Keep your charms shining bright

All of our pieces are designed by Anna Dimond in Australia and handmade from solid sterling silver, bronze, brass, pewter and copper by skilled artisans in Indonesia. Our necklaces, bracelets and bangles are made from a mixture of sterling silver, brass, leather, rose gold plating and some designs have stainless steel clasps. Please note > rose gold plated necklaces and bracelets should never be polished or silver dipped as this will remove the plating.


Step 1 >
Collect your charms and purchase a polishing cloth online or from a Palas stockist.

Step 2 >
Polish your Palas treasures! It is normal for the cloth to darken, you can continue to use it until all the yellow has disappeared.

Step 3 >
Now that you have your charms shining bright, protect them from certain elements (moisture/heat) and be sure to treat your collection with love.


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