Wow that 2017 went fast...can we start again? I wasn't ready ūüėČ

Personally this year could not have been more extreme (again), huge highs and tough lows but I am coming to think that this is just how life is! I wait for the general calm but that never appears. There is a reason for that... the calm is there when I create it in moments, escapes and purely being in the now appreciating that hour where everything is deliciously idle and I can look at the stars. Being grateful for the incredibly inspiring and loving people who surround me every day at work and within my family and friendship circles. I would never get on this crazy ride without the people I am lucky enough to connect with every day through Palas and my amazing friends and family.

Behind the Palas scenes there are so many people that make my brand come to life. It is incredible to think that it started out as just my sister Eran and I and through the wobbly line of business growth and challenge (yes those extremes again) it has evolved into a brand that has many clever hands, brains and passion added to it every day.

Quote - Grateful for all that I have enjoyed, endured and have to come

This feels a little like an Oscars speech, I won't thank God but I will thank my Palas beauties, we laugh, work hard and aim to spoil our wholesale and retail customers as much as we can by being a brand with heart...we truly care so very much. We are excited by your feedback, stories and love and every retail and wholesale order is received and sent off with excitement and gratitude. The 2017 head office team who make this happen I love like a family... Sophia Genders, Belinda Szepessy, Rania Ahmed Rocca, Mel Barone, Kate Crosby and our new sparkles Gen Gascoigne and Taylah Minchington. Ladies you have worked your buns off this year, thank you for bringing your magic to work each week, I love working with you.

For wholesale sales we have our fantastic agents who bring Palas to our 400+ stockists and know their stores inside out. They work passionately in building long term relationships with our beautiful stockists > Berkeley Nest in SA, Ivy Lane in NSW, Rosa Brown in WA, Montage in VIC and D&M Lifestyle in QLD.

As you can see we spend a lot of time creating beautiful marketing content for all of our digital and print platforms, this involves a curated team across Australia. Our two Marketing agencies in Sydney, marketing consultants, photographers, stylists, videographers, printers all working closely with our in house team to bring the Palas brand to the world. We have had an intense year working with many new consultants and have had a lot of fun getting to know and learn from them.

The most important component of the Palas brand is our manufacturing. Our team in Indonesia we have worked with for nearly 15 years. They know the Palas brand inside out and without their skills, passion and dedication to their craft Palas would simply not exist. Based in a country that I fell in love with over 20 years ago this truly is one of the best parts of the business...working with people who support traditional craftsmanship and look after their staff and their customers.

With all of these elements in place 2018 looks to be another busy and exciting year. I am currently designing new collections to launch to our retailers in February and to our customers in March...actually while I am writing this I am putting the finishing touches on a sophisticated and elegant travel inspired collection and just about to start on another charm collection. As all of my team would confirm I am forever 'squeezing in' the design at the very last minute. Managing the business is what I do every day and I find this incredibly creative. People ask where I draw inspiration from for the designs and it is my every day experiences positive and negative, my love of travel and of course the suggestions and feedback from my loyal Palas devotees. These are all influences creating ideas each week. I add them to a perpetual list and then when I have only 2 weeks until the final sample deadline I madly create and boom there they are being emailed to our team in Indonesia to turn my technical drawings into amazing hand crafted jewellery pieces.

2018 is almost here...before I start on the list of goals I am looking forward to slowing it down after the 21st of December for a few weeks, soaking in the sun, enjoying time in Bali with my extended family ‚Äď a tropical Christmas and clearing my mind grateful for all that I have enjoyed, endured and have to come... the future looks bright and the present is pretty amazing too.

Light and love sign-off
Anna Dimond