Magical new beginnings 2017

Magical new beginnings 2017

Thank you 2016 it is time to move on to new beginnings…

As we celebrate the start of a new year many of us are still hanging onto to some painful experiences from 2016. People I know closely and those I have seen post on social media have had some incredibly emotional and physical challenges – some saying they could not wait to see the back of 2016. Before we erase 2016 we do need to really look at the lessons within the pain and struggle as that is the very reason we go through these challenges… to learn and grow.

What are the 3 most important lessons you learnt last year?

Reflect on all that you have achieved as if it has been an intense year your success should be celebrated even more. You kept it together, you moved forward and you are here with a whole new year ahead of you.

New years resolutions?

Does anyone keep these? They seem to be these bold statements of change that then make you feel guilty by February as you haven’t followed through. I tend to think of the new year’s focus as a ‘resolution’. This year I will build on my personal growth and change how I manage challenges (personal and professional) internally. This encompasses a whole list of things I have read and want to bring into my life and it helps to have an over arching goal that all of the small changes contribute to. It is less overwhelming that way.

Read >

Most of my inner strength and focus comes from surrounding myself with amazing, positive and loving people and reading like-minded authors. These are just a few of the books that are shaping my growth for 2017.

Arianna Huffington > Thrive
Barbara DeAngelis > Soul Shifts
> Louise Hay > You can heal your life

I love a personal growth read recommendation so please comment below with your suggestions and we can create our own Palas book club! ;)

Daily mantras >

These are the Palas charms that I am wearing right now to keep me on a positive path, grateful for all that I have, trusting my own inner wisdom and reminding myself that the Universe is on my side…

daily daily2Stay strong and set a clear goal for your 2017 (this will encompass personal and professional as they are linked) and know that your tribe want to see you succeed in whatever you choose – they have your back. Trust in yourself as all of the answers you are looking for are inside, you just need to look within… meditate, breathe, listen then hustle.

Light and love,

1. Direction of your dreams charm #3515
2. You've got this charm #3715 (SOLD OUT)
3. Accept what is charm #3725
4. Listen to your heart charm #3590
5. Inhale love charm #3732 (SOLD OUT)


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