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May your Christmas sparkle

May your Christmas sparkle

I receive the most heartfelt and moving messages from Palas devotees every day. I read and respond to every message and it is truly one of the best parts of my day. Creating charms that emotionally connect with girls and women all over the world is a real gift.

Today I read a beautiful post from Poppy where she shared how Palas charms have been a part of her life for many years...

"In just over a week I will be walking down the aisle with the walk beside us charm attached to my bouquet to honour the memory of my beautiful friends and family that will be attending our wedding in spirit. Please know that what you do is so special to so many people to help make memories and mark so many special occasions".

You can see why these messages bring tears to my eyes and fill my heart with so much pride and gratitude.

Thank you for being part of my growing Palas family. We connect to and with beautiful souls across the world every day and could not be more honoured to bring sentimental jewellery pieces that become part of your every day, to 'collect, inspire and share' this Christmas and beyond.

Light and love,

Palas Jewellery boxes


Anna Dimond


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