Charms focussed on family have always been some of the most popular designs in our collection for many years. I thought it was time to design some new emotive charms to gift to those in your family – true expressions of the love you share. As you are growing up you are often told 'family is the most important' and as a teenager you are working towards being independent of your family, making it on your own that you don't realise those very people, immediate and extended family, are right there on the sidelines wanting for your happiness and success in life.

They are ready to celebrate the great times and wrap their arms around you during the tough times. How fortunate are those who have a strong family as their most fierce supporters. I have a wonderful Mum who dedicated her life to her children, we would never question her unconditional love for us, it was and is all in her kind eyes.

My friends and I are Mum's of young children and teens, juggling many aspects of life with motherhood – either as full time Mums, working mums, single mums... Some days it's tough and other days wonderful. One thing we all have in common is our unwavering love and respect for our children.

I designed this charm to remind all Mums just how amazing they are in so many ways. Mums do forget this as they are just busy getting on with caring, thinking and providing for their families. I hope this fun loving and emotive charm touches the hearts of your Mum one day as she wears it as a daily reminder of your love and appreciation.

Light and love,
Anna x

I love my family charm