Lake Como Italy is a time capsule a bygone era of glamour, opulence and sophistication in an untouched natural and rugged setting of mountains, trees and water with the snow capped mountains of Switzerland as a backdrop.

Modernism has not been forced upon this idyllic locale but instead, 450 years of history have been preserved and celebrated in the many villas, palaces and villages lining Lake Como, in particular, Villa D'Este where I am staying.

Earrings, necklace and ring pieces

I am lost in the character, history and effortless elegance of this entire region, I have been transported to another time and it is an amazing feeling! I am inspired by the details throughout the Villa D'Este – the patterns, prints, marble, stone, manicured gardens, legends, lake and boats. This is a place of old world glamour and vision of Sophia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O but mixed with the simplicity of nature.

It is the elegance that is seen in the contrast and that is what has inspired me the most to start sketching simple earring designs, layered necklaces and stacked bangles that have a rustic opulent feel that mixes sophistication with earthiness.

I am working with tones of white, gold, bronze and black. Pieces that can be worn simply or in a more decadent way.

Inspiration is in the environment I have been transported but also in the pure space of just being somewhere new, teetering in the unknown.

Light and love,
Anna x

Woman wearing lombardy bangles
Cinque Terre brass chain lariat
Woman wearing Pavia earrings
Capri tassel lariat
Woman wearing Baci & Palazzo rings
Modena cuff bangle made of sterling silver and bronze
Woman wearing Milano earrings
Nuova necklace made with sterling silver and brass
lombardy set of three bangles
Woman wearing brass chain Lariat
Pavia hoop earrings with white silk cotton tassels
Woman wearing Capri tassel lariat
Baci & Palazzo rings
Woman wearing modena cuff bangle
Milano brass and sterling silver earrings
Woman wearing Nuova necklace