Our new range 'Love my tribe' has been inspired by the gorgeous terms of love and affection we have for those special people in our tribe, be they friends, family or lovers.

One of my personal faves is 'love my crazies' which applies to all of my girl friends! These handcrafted charms have a more artisan finish to suit the light hearted feel of the range with funny and loving words to gift to your best friends, wife, aunty, mum or that special someone who makes your heart sing.

I have drawn on some wonderful feedback from Palas customers looking for more of a 'fun love' charm range. Suggestions like 'wifey for lifey' and 'love your face' are sweet sayings they share with their tribe, and you can now share with yours.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback via the comments below! Enjoy this new range sneak peek… Light and love, Anna x

Anna Dimond (CEO/Designer)
Love my crazies charm #3879
Sneak peek love my tribe charm range
Sneak peek love my tribe charm range
Belinda (Accounts)
Heart love you charm #3861

Heart & I Love you (#3861) >
Quite simple really, a great gift to give my loved ones...  x

Eyes on the stars charm #3877

Eyes on the Stars (#3877) >
I absolutely love this one! It reminds me to always stay grounded and positive.

Sophia (Marketing)
Babe you got this charm #3866

Babe you got this charm (#3866) > I am so lucky to be surrounded by strong women and I want them to always know that they can handle whatever life throws at them!

Safe travels miss you charm #3876

Safe travels miss you charm (#3876) > Many of my friends are travelling or moving away from home and I love that they are off on an adventure and want to remind them that I am thinking of them.

Kate (Production)
Love my tribe charm #3850

Love my tribe charm (#3850) > I love this little guy because it is a constant reminder of how much I love my special people and how good they are to me. I'm going to wear this one daily to always put a smile on my face!

So proud of you charm #3868

So proud of you charm (#3868) > I love the design of this copper charm and have a special friend who has been going through a really tough time but is doing such a great job... I'm going to send her this one with a little note to hopefully brighten her day.