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The personal nature of jewellery is something we at Palas love to celebrate, which is why every one of our charms is designed to be a gesture of love, positivity and kindness towards the person who wears it. Through their inspirational words and symbols, these charms allow our Palas tribe to wear their life stories around their wrist or neck and draw strength, love or comfort when needed.

Strength and compassion are qualities close to our heart and the winner of our competition to find the face of the campaign launching our new Lake Como Italy collection, is someone who radiates these values from every pore. Nikki is that gorgeous lady and as we learned more about her, and her life journey, we just knew that we wanted to celebrate her inspirational story.

This Adelaide-based mum to three amazing children: Kai, 8, Eva, 6 and Leon, 6 months was nominated by her friend Rebecca to lift her spirits after her long-term relationship broke down at the start of the year.

‘Rebecca is the sister of my best friend Todd, who I have known since Year 7,’ says Nikki. ‘I was telling her how my self-confidence had taken a hit after my relationship ended and she replied that she was going to enter me into the Palas competition to cheer me up. I was so shocked to win but when I called Bec up to tell her the news she just said: “I knew you would.’

Baby footprint charm | Palas Jewellery
Accept what is charm | Palas Jewellery
Hold on to each other charm | Palas Jewellery
Blessed charm | Palas Jewellery

We were not only inspired by Nikki’s positive spirit during this tough time but also in awe of the strength she has channeled through her unwavering devotion to her three children.

‘I couldn’t have got through this year without focusing on my children and the support I received from my friends and mum,’ she says. ‘My mum is a very spiritual person and her love and advice has helped me to get a different perspective on life. I’m now really focused on getting to know myself, being responsible for my own happiness and I’m looking forward to the future.’

We’re honoured to have Nikki as the face of Palas’ newest Lake Como collection (available end of August). Her story not only teaches us that life can often throw curveballs, it also demonstrates that the new path to appear can often be even more enlightened.

Tell us about the Palas jewellery that you’re currently wearing and why your Palas charms are so close to your heart.

  • Initial Charms > the letters E and K are the initials of my two older children, Kai and Eva. They are the most kind, loving, beautiful children and despite everything we have been through together, I feel like we have built a loving happy home as a single parent household.
  • Feather Charm > when I was young I was told that if a feather is present it means your angels are protecting you. This is something I've always carried with me and I very much love this symbol.
  • Baby footprints > this charm represents my 6 month old baby. It has been a tough and tiring time raising him on my own, but when people ask me how I do it I've always said it's the love that gets me through. To have the baby feet in the heart shape is a beautiful representation of how I feel.
  • Accept what is, let go of what was and believe in what will be > I feel like this has been my daily mantra for the past couple months. I made a decision to choose to be grateful, despite a heartbreaking situation. When you can start to believe in all the possibilities again your mind shifts to a happier place.
  • The best thing to hold onto in life is each other > for me this represents my children and family. Although I have become a single mother, the love and support around me has been amazing and I can truly say I am not alone!
  • Blessed > I feel like I am truly blessed in so many ways. Life can knock me down but I have to get back up and be grateful for all the blessings I have.
Cut out initial charms | Palas Jewellery
Script initial charms | Palas Jewellery
Petite initial charms | Palas Jewellery
Feather charm | Palas Jewellery

What are some of your other favourites from the Palas Jewellery range?

  • Grecian goddess tassel choker > I think it's stunning and would compliment many different styles, whether it be a summer look or a loose button shirt with a great pair of jeans and heels.
  • Arrow bangle > I love arrows. To me, they represent the need to sometimes take a step back in order to move forward in life, so I feel it's a very strong symbol with a lovely meaning. It's a beautiful bracelet that I don't think I would ever want to take off.
Grecian Goddess necklace | Palas Jewellery
Arrow bangle | Palas Jewellery


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