We love hearing from our Palas customers and what their Palas jewellery means to them. Palas is all about emotional connection –  jewellery with true meaning. We feel so lucky to work for a brand that truly connects with our customers and Verity's story below is a beautiful example.

Thank you so much Verity and the '2am Ladies' for sharing your story it is inspiring and the beautiful sisterhood you have created many of us can directly relate to.

Light and love,
Anna and my Palas team x


Dear Anna and Sophia, 

Just wanted to let you know about something something super special that has come about with your charms.

A few years ago I was having a few wines with my best two girl friends. We discussed what our 30 years of friendship meant and how grateful we were. We joked about how if we got a call at 2am we would just get in the car and come over, to the house, the hospital or with a shovel to help bury the body lol.

I bought my mum a Palas pendant, she wears on a bracelet every day with the words 'I love you Mum'. She bought a similar daughter one for me. I then bought an 'A' & 'K' initial for my 2 best friends to say this is a symbol of our “2am club“. They loved them.

Since then another 10 great friends have received a pendant and it’s a statement of true friendship and what it means. To receive one is not just a pretty piece of jewellery. There is now so much meaning behind it for the recipient.

The creed is; no judgement, unconditional love, support and trust.  We go out to lunching toast “too the 2am ladies”  and yes we all wear our pendant like a badge of honour.

My mums given 5 charms as gifts to her special friends. My friends have done the same for the very special people in their lives.

The back story makes it really unique and fun. I know the owner of Palas Jewellery shares similar values in the story about the company and the wonderful words on the designs.

I have 3 friends who don’t wear jewellery and they have put their special charms on handbag tags or car keys. One told me yesterday she had a day from hell, looked at her keys and said it reminded her she was loved by many. I mean, it’s started global friendships from NZ, Australia and the UK.

I just wanted to share this with you and hope it brings a smile to all of you at Palas. A few wines with amazing friends started a conversation that led to something pretty darn cool. I’m glad to support a business that brings joy because what you made & what it means to all of us is now huge. I have friends who've never met, come to lunch, see they have a pendant and instantly feel that person is trustworthy and caring. Business deals done etc, just crazy but always worked out as trust is instant.

Women are powerful with the right connections & it’s a snowball effect. If there’s a spike in sales its just us 2am ladies!!

Warm regards,
Verity x


Annimarie, Kirsty, Sandra, Rachael, Chris and Verity's Mum
New Zealand
Jackie, Shona, Maureen, Marie and Verity