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  1. Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's is really just a great excuse to spoil anyone special in your life and remind them how much they mean to you.
  2. Gifts for your best friends

    They say a good friend knows all of your stories but a best friend has lived them all with you. A best friend is someone who sticks with you through thick...
  3. A trip of a lifetime

    My brother George and I decided we would take my parents to Greece as a gift from us for their birthdays this year. As both George and I had never...
  4. 'Jingle all the way' Christmas campaign 2016

    Behind the scenes of our Palas Christmas 2016 campaign video 'Jingle all the way'. A very beautiful family sharing their Christmas excitement and joy with us...
  5. Real customer story... Stacey

    There’s nothing more inspiring for us than hearing your stories of courage, compassion, love and hope.
  6. My love of Indonesia

    I first travelled to Bali in 1991 and fell in love with the people and the island itself. I felt an instant connection and travelled there as a tourist each year.
  7. Everything happens for a reason

    Tonight I have a big smile in my heart after such a soul soothing weekend with a lot of time to myself to really reflect on the past few months and what it is I’m truly wanting in life. For all of us it is ‘happiness’ of course but on a deeper level I have learned that true happiness is when I can lie in bed at night with my soul truly at peace.

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