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The Fiedler Folk | INFLUENCER

The Fiedler Folk | INFLUENCER

Motherhood is a million little moments that are woven together with grace, sacrifice, laughter, tears and most of all, love. There’s no doubt that raising small humans can be a real rollercoaster ride - full of highs, lows and sometimes that feeling that you’ve changed your mind and might want to get off.

Celebrating these ups and downs is something we, at Palas, pride ourselves on. Our intricate charms provide words and symbols of celebration, comfort, strength and gratitude for all the unique experiences that parenthood brings.

Palas x @thefiedlerfolk_

We collaborated with Tahlia, mama of Summer and the storyteller behind @thefiedlerfolk_ as part of our Palas Celebrates Parenthood Campaign. We wanted this campaign to focus on exploring experiences of parenthood using personal stories of milestone moments, struggles, heartbreak and the heart bursting joys involved in raising children.

Tahlia selected a Palas charm that best reflected her parenting journey of late - an experience of loss and sadness to signify the loss of her daughter, Delilah.

Palas x @thefiedlerfolk_

“Mammahood - isn't it just the craziest ride. Filled with so much love and emotion. Throughout this journey I have felt extreme highs and the lowest of lows. Summer has been my biggest joy in life, she shines bright like the sun. Her sister Delilah tossed me into a time of the lowest of lows. It's impossible to describe the feeling of loss and emptiness of birthing a baby and not taking them home to cuddle, dress, bath and feed. In the little time I spent with her she taught me the most. She taught me what's important and in some ways I feel like I have this special secret to now knowing the true meaning of life all because of her. Let me tell you my secret... it’s love, it's the little things. The giggles in bed, the kisses, cheeky grins, my hubby's warm embrace ...I suck it all in now and notice the smallest of smalls. It's so lovely to be able to wear something everyday that gently reminds me of my girls. Thank you Palas Jewellery.”

Our hearts break for Tahlia and her family, as no mother should have to feel such pain. Drawing strength from our little ones in heaven and all the love their brothers and sisters ooze is what can bring much-needed joy to our days ahead. We hope that Tahlia’s Palas Angel Wings, even if in some small way, are a symbol of love, solace and bravery, and to remind her that we're holding her in our hearts.


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