We can’t help but fall épperdument amoureux (madly in love) with the city of Paris. With an incredibly rich history, it has a certain charming character and timeless elegance that is unique, sophisticated, romantic and beautiful. Parisienne women in particular, have a je ne sais quoi about them, which is so desirable. From their laidback, low-key style to their cool attitude, Parisienne women are the definition of the word ‘minimalist’. The new Parisienne Collection, inspired by the quintessentially chic Parisienne woman is elegant, sophisticated and stylish and is now available online and with selected stockists.

From delicate chains, to stud earrings and signet rings, the Parisienne woman chooses pieces that are truly special and personal to her, which is what the Palas brand is all about. Similar to previous Palas ranges, there is no style or quantity limitations for the Parisienne Collection.

A signature piece, which can be spotted around the neck of every Parisienne it-girl, is a gold coin shaped charm on a fine necklace chain. The Parisienne Collection would not be complete without this and so Anna has designed the ageless and dateless Clair de Lune necklace. Simply pair with your favourite jeans and a structured blazer and voila, Parisienne it-girl approved!

The signet ring is a traditional heirloom piece but has now become a modern must have item for any woman. The Helene ring is made from brass, contains a stunning Swarovski crystal and looks beautiful worn as a statement piece on your fingers or mixed with other fine, delicate rings for everyday wear.

Travel feeds the soul and helps you to grow as a person as it teaches you about yourself and the world. The Parisienne Collection, alongside the Greek Islands and Lake Como Italy collections, are at the heart of our CEO and designer Anna Dimond’s wanderlust. Travel has always played an important role in her life and it is this passion, love and desire to incorporate it into her career that inspired Anna to start Palas Jewellery.

Palas celebrates love and encourages women to have the confidence to wear jewellery in her own unique way. Your Palas pieces should reflect your individual style and symbolise family, friends, travel, love, inspirational mantras and important life moments and whenever you wear them you should feel beautiful and unique because you truly are. To embody the low-key elegance of a Parisienne woman, layer our new collection together and with your current Palas pieces to sparkle all day and night.

Paris has a magical allure than attracts lovers, gourmands, shoppers and art enthusiasts from all over the globe. In a city so rich with culture and history, you could find yourself easily falling in love with the city of lights. If you are ever lucky enough to stroll along the streets of Paris or sit on a balcony over looking an Arrondissement, you will be able to understand the magical allure that attracts people from far and wide to these charming cobblestone streets.

Renowned Australian stylist Megan Morton recently helped to capture the romance, mystique and beauty of Paris in our recent dreamy campaign, which we shot in the gorgeous Hotel Henriette. Megan was able to convey the love and beauty that lies within every Palas Jewellery piece using a gorgeous local Parisienne beauty, Jo and model and actress as her muse. Together with a stunning backdrop and natural lighting, Megan was able to style a soft and dreamy campaign showing the confidence and grace of a Parisienne woman. Through this campaign, Megan has shown how Palas pieces tie in beautifully together and reflect the individual style and personality of the wearer.


Styling by Megan Morton
Photography and videography by The Flo Show
Location is Hotel Henriette Paris, France