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The charmed memories we carry with us

The charmed memories we carry with us


Throughout history, charms have been used as a token of love, friendship, spirituality, compassion and remembrance. We carry them with us as a reminder of a moment, an idea, a place or a person and look to them for courage and inspiration in our most trying and challenging times.

When a loved one dies, charms and tokens are a wonderful way to honour their memory, and to carry a piece of them with you, always. Whether it’s a physical charm, gift, or a mantra to live by, these are some of the tokens we have given, received or been touched by, as a way of remembering loved ones...


While many people give flowers on the occasion of a loved one’s death, giving a plant or a tree to someone who is grieving is a poignant way of honouring a life well after its spirit has left this world.

It might not be something you gift straight away – it may even mean more, or be more appropriate on the anniversary of a loved one’s death – but giving the gift of new life can provide a strong vessel for grief and revival, that will continue to grow and give, year in, year out.


Whether it’s the tune you danced to with your bestie (hairbrushes as microphones) until midnight, or the song you played on repeat when you first had your heart broken, music is a wonderful way of remembering special moments and people.

A great way to make sure your memories of lost loved ones stay alive is to attach a song to their memory, and allow yourself to “go-there” when it comes on your radio or your playlist. Silly or heart-warming, whatever brings them back for that moment in time, might just be exactly what you need.


We love hearing stories from our Palas tribe about how a simple charm given at the right time has provided them with strength.Whether it’s a symbol of love, or an inspiring quote, wearing a physical reminder of your lost loves can be a wonderful way to honour their memory daily.

We loved hearing from Nicole recently, who said that her Palas charms have meant a lot to her and her sister.

“My sister lost her husband last year and has received many beautiful pieces of yours that people have bought her. I too have also received a feather charm and they all mean so much to us, we wear them when we are having particularly tough days.”


While we love our daily spritz of perfume here at Palas HQ, it’s often the more obscure smells that will remind you of a place, a time, or a person. Whether it’s the distinctive scent of jasmine in bloom – once strewn over your grandparent’s gate – or the freshly mown grass that always brings back the memory of your Dad, a smell can stay with you long after your loved ones do, and when they waft by, smells can be a fleeting, but wonderful reminder of your lost loves.


For thousands of years many cultures have marked their bodies with tattoos as a way of showing status, love, spirituality, and to honour those who have past. While getting a tattoo is permanent and certainly not something to take lightly, what better way to keep someone with you for life than with a lifelong reminder of them?

We love this story from Lauren who had a Palas jewellery quote tattooed to her wrist after connecting with its words through her life and travels. “I received a beautiful heartfelt gift from a friend some years back in the form of a leather band and charm. The charm was a leaf with a simple inscription: with the courage to be myself, I am beautiful.

“I loved it immediately and never took it off until one day the band broke – pretty good effort I must say as it went through thick and thin with me! The end result: it didn’t matter that the band broke because I got the inscription tattooed on my wrist! Ever since that day, I have lived by those words!

“You cannot imagine how this small piece of jewellery you created has changed by life in such a positive way.”


Sometimes it’s not the physical but the emotional memory of a person that stays with you long after they’re gone. Whether it’s a memory of them showing you how to tie a shoelace, or a proverb they’d sprout while telling a tall tale, keep it with you and share it with everyone you meet – in you, their memory lives on.


Courtney Williams


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