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Stacey's charm story

Stacey's charm story

We love connecting with our brilliant tribe of passionate Palas customers. There’s nothing more inspiring for us than hearing your stories of courage, compassion, love and hope. Stacey’s charm story epitomises the heart and soul of Palas…


I love Palas, and the charms and jewellery absolutely represent something special in my life.

My mum sadly passed away in September of last year after what seemed to be battle after battle that she had to suffer through from way back in 2009. Myself and one of my sisters were so fortunate to be with her, holding her hands when she passed and when all three of mum’s girls were by her bedside my sister pulled out three little boxes and handed one each to myself, and my elder sister and herself.

Inside were three Palas charms to remember our beautiful mum, and it was just by pure coincidence that she had picked them up that day, and that was the moment that the three of us were together.

We all wear our “butterflies hover and feathers appear whenever lost loved ones or angels are near” around our necks every day. Since mum has gone, whenever we see feathers we take it as a sign that she is around.

I also bought one of your “grief” charms for a close friend and one for myself, after her mum passed three weeks after mine. It was a sad time. I wear both my charms together and it makes me feel like I have a little piece of my mum, or I am representing her, every day that I wear it. So thank you so much for that.

Stacey x

 [Stacey has given Palas permission to share her story.]


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