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The two of us | CUSTOMER STORY

The two of us | CUSTOMER STORY

We were touched by Rochelle and Laura's friendship in a recent Palas competition we ran. In tagging her friend to win our prize, Rochelle introduced the Palas tribe to her friend Laura.

Laura, who despite surviving a horrific car accident and being unlucky in love is a hardworking and dedicated individual who goes out of her way to make other people’s lives easier. This stood out to us as a beautiful and genuine quality in a person going through her own hardships – we felt Laura deserved some spoiling.

We gifted Laura and Rochelle a collection each of Palas charms for them as a reminder of their love and friendship. Rochelle and Laura generously shared with us their friendship story and the special significance of having a ‘soul sister’.

Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give

Rochelle entered our competition this month to win a 12 hook display board filled with love, strength and inspiration charms valued at $555. Here is Rochelle's winning entry >

Laura is an amazing young woman whom I have known since she was 16, she has been through hell and back in ways unimaginable including surviving an horrific car crash, she is a hard worker, dedicated to her job, family and friends and goes out of her way to make others lives easier, and as she has been unlucky in love so far I think she deserves a bit of spoiling and I'd like to do that for her 😘 love you lots sweety ❤️

12 hook charm display board - win this collection

Palas: How did you two meet and become such good friends?

Rochelle: Laura and I met when Laura started dating my brother and we clicked straight away. She felt like a little sister to me and we became close friends. Even after they parted ways we remained in touch until we sadly lost contact due to locations and life. I always missed her and one day, many years ago found her Facebook. She was always my favourite of my brother’s girlfriends. She recently said she wishes I was her sister, but like I told her, we are sisters. Soul sisters.

Laura: We just clicked because she has such a kind, warm soul.

P: Can you tell us more about how Laura has shown her bravery and strength through a difficult or tricky time in her life?

R: Many years ago as a young woman Laura was a passenger in an horrific car accident and she was severely injured. Laura’s spine was damaged in two places and she also sustained injuries to her intestines, lung, skull and suffered nerve damage. She was in hospital for a long time, requiring several surgeries and rehabilitation. She came through all of it like a warrior and held no grudges, picking up her life and continuing to move onwards and upwards which showed how amazing and strong she is inside and out.

P: Laura, when has Rochelle shown those same values throughout your friendship?

L: She has raised two amazing children on her own and they have grown up to be such wonderful human beings. When her grandmother passed, who had played such an important role in Rochelle and her children's life it was an extremely stressful situation to deal with. For a person trying to mourn the loss of someone so close, she handled it with class and compassion.

Rochelle and Laura
Rochelle (left) and Laura (right) wearing their Palas treasures.

P: What makes Laura’s friendship so special to you?

R: Even with all she has been through in life, Laura remembers things I went through and is a continuous support. I know she has my back and she says I am amazing and that she admires and looks up to me with what I have been through. That makes me feel so humbled because I am so proud of her and admire her and everything she has achieved despite all she has been through. Laura is a loving soul with a beautiful heart and would be there for anyone even if she is going through something herself. She is a giver not a taker and she is unconditional. That in itself is rare and she deserves life's blessings.

P: And Laura, what makes Rochelle such a great friend to you?

L: She is always there and seems to know when I need someone to talk to. She has been such an amazing friend. She comes with no judgement and only supports the choices I make in life, whether she agrees with them or not. Even if she warned me of the consequences of my actions beforehand, she is still there to listen and help me when it all goes wrong.


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