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Amethyst (protection)

Amethyst (protection)

Amethyst can assist hearing, hormone regulation, insomnia, headaches, asthma, bacterial and viral infections, cancer and arthritis. It may improve the immune system and aid detoxification of the blood. Amethyst can help with physical and emotional protection and mental balance. It can also support with negotiating skills, decision making, wealth, business success, moving forward in life and coping with responsibility and change.

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Amethyst healing gem braceletAmethyst healing gem bracelet
Amethyst energy gem braceletAmethyst energy gem bracelet
Amethyst protection gem wrapAmethyst protection gem wrap
Save 50%Amethyst protection spinner charmAmethyst protection spinner charm
Amethyst protection spinner charm Sale price$16.50 AUD Regular price$33.00 AUD
Amethyst & pearl prosperity gem braceletAmethyst & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Amethyst empower gem necklaceAmethyst empower gem necklace
Amethyst celestial gem braceletAmethyst celestial gem bracelet
Amethsyt healing gem earringsAmethsyt healing gem earrings
Amethyst aura of gold gem braceletAmethyst aura of gold gem bracelet
Amethyst lotus purity braceletAmethyst lotus purity bracelet
February amethyst birthstone necklace 18k gold platedFebruary amethyst birthstone necklace 18k gold plated