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Our Story

Palas is designed in Australia to ‘collect, inspire and share…’ We create jewellery with meaning and purpose featuring words, gemstones and symbols of love, healing, protection and inspiration. The emotional connection and messages of positivity are inspired by my own life experiences and beliefs. I have created an authentic jewellery brand that speaks to the heart because it comes directly from my own. Messages to symbolise the love you have for your family and friends, words and symbols of strength to wear and gift during happy and challenging times.

Where It All Began

Palas was co-founded in 1996 with my sister Eran Svigos, we were both working in our respective careers, Eran owned an art school and was an exhibiting artist and I in Melbourne, working for a well known design and communications studio with brilliant brands. A year in we launched the Palas brand at our first Sydney Trade Fair, one of 100’s we would attend in future.

Ten years into the business Eran died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in her early 30’s. My vibrant, talented, driven and passionate sister was perfectly healthy one day and in a matter of only a few more, gone. I was pregnant at the time and had a 5 year old daughter. Palas was my sole source of income, I had to make this work and turn it into a business I would love again. In my sister’s honour we established in 2008 the Eran Svigos Medical Clinic with Brenton Whittaker as part of Bali Kids Orphanage. Eran and I both worked with numerous orphanages each time we were in Indonesia, our give back is focused on Bali Kids. We also created an award running since 2008 at the Adelaide Fringe, a cash art prize given to the best exhibiting visual artist at the Fringe each year in Eran’s name. 

There have been some absolutely incredible members of my team over the years, some we are still working with, whom the success and growth of Palas is attributed to. These people have become my closest friends and loved the brand as if it were their own, they have left their magical imprints on Palas. I have been so fortunate to have this relationship within my teams across Australia and our manufacturer in Indonesia, we have the most wonderful friendships and deep mutual respect. 

Often I will look at the list of daily orders and see all of these names, amazing humans who have decided to spend their hard earned money on my jewellery brand! That part actually still blows me away…they have made a connection with the brand and decided it was the perfect piece to gift their friend to celebrate or commiserate – the heartfelt messages we receive from customers telling us just how much the piece moved their Mum or friend to tears has us all very emotional. 

I am very grateful to have created a brand that speaks to the hearts of others – thank you for connecting with Palas, I am so glad we have found one another...

Light & Love,

Anna Dimond