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Hematite (strength)

Hematite (strength)

Hematite can bring strength, love, courage and personal magnetism. Hematite may cleanse the blood, improve circulation, manage cramping and support a healthy heart. Hematite is often used in relieving headaches, curing anemia, treating insomnia, healing spinal problems and mending broken bones.

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Hematite healing gem braceletHematite healing gem bracelet
Hematite energy gem braceletHematite energy gem bracelet
Hematite protection gem wrapHematite protection gem wrap
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Hematite empower gem necklaceHematite empower gem necklace
Hematite celestial gem braceletHematite celestial gem bracelet
Hematite aura of gold gem braceletHematite aura of gold gem bracelet
Hematite healing gem earringsHematite healing gem earrings
Hematite lotus purity braceletHematite lotus purity bracelet