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Symbols of luck, good fortune, protection and strength to wear close to your heart every day.

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Make a wish spinner charmMake a wish spinner charm
Make a wish spinner charm Sale price$69.00 AUD
Tigers eye & pearl prosperity gem braceletTigers eye & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Angel numbers 777 Luck braceletAngel numbers 777 Luck bracelet
Evil eye meditation spinning ringEvil eye meditation spinning ring
Saint Christopher charm
Saint Christopher charm Sale price$69.00 AUD
Tiger’s Eye celestial gem braceletTiger’s Eye celestial gem bracelet
Mati evil eye charmMati evil eye charm
Mati evil eye charm Sale price$61.00 AUD
Save 50%Owl charmOwl charm
Owl charm Sale price$27.50 AUD Regular price$55.00 AUD
Angel numbers 555 Change braceletAngel numbers 555 Change bracelet
Evil eye hoop earringsEvil eye hoop earrings
Evil eye hoop earrings Sale price$55.00 AUD
Golden soul evil eye earringsGolden soul evil eye earrings
Hamsa hand hoop earringsHamsa hand hoop earrings
Hamsa hand hoop earrings Sale price$55.00 AUD