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Meditation spinning ringMeditation spinning ring
Meditation spinning ring Sale price$166.00 AUD
Fine leather plaited bracelet 19cmFine leather plaited bracelet 19cm
Manifest meditation spinning ringManifest meditation spinning ring
Petite initial charm (A – Z)Petite initial charm (A – Z)
Intentions meditation spinning ringIntentions meditation spinning ring
Silver fine ball bead chain necklaceSilver fine ball bead chain necklace
Intuition meditation spinning ringIntuition meditation spinning ring
Silver ball chainSilver ball chain
Silver ball chain Sale priceFrom $39.00 AUD
Aventurine healing gem braceletAventurine healing gem bracelet
Rose quartz healing gem braceletRose quartz healing gem bracelet
Leather wide braceletLeather wide bracelet
Leather wide bracelet Sale price$25.00 AUD
Amethyst healing gem braceletAmethyst healing gem bracelet
Blessings meditation spinning ringBlessings meditation spinning ring
Pearl healing gem braceletPearl healing gem bracelet
Openable bangle (60mm diameter)Openable bangle (60mm diameter)
Openable bangle (60mm diameter) Sale priceFrom $61.00 AUD
Lapis Lazuli healing gem braceletLapis Lazuli healing gem bracelet
Crystal quartz healing gem braceletCrystal quartz healing gem bracelet
Tiger's Eye healing gem braceletTiger's Eye healing gem bracelet
Silver fine link chain 45cmSilver fine link chain 45cm
Goddess meditation spinning ringGoddess meditation spinning ring
Aventurine energy gem braceletAventurine energy gem bracelet
Onyx healing gem braceletOnyx healing gem bracelet
Onyx healing gem bracelet Sale price$28.00 AUD
Pearl protection gem wrapPearl protection gem wrap
Pearl protection gem wrap Sale price$21.00 AUD
Rose Quartz energy gem braceletRose Quartz energy gem bracelet
Aventurine protection gem wrapAventurine protection gem wrap
Lotus meditation spinning ringLotus meditation spinning ring
Our friendship is endless slider charmOur friendship is endless slider charm
Amethyst energy gem braceletAmethyst energy gem bracelet
Evil eye protection spinner charmEvil eye protection spinner charm
Lapis Lazuli energy gem braceletLapis Lazuli energy gem bracelet
Rose Quartz protection gem wrapRose Quartz protection gem wrap
Strong, beautiful and brave charm
Pearl energy gem braceletPearl energy gem bracelet
Pearl energy gem bracelet Sale price$33.00 AUD
Crystal Quartz protection gem wrapCrystal Quartz protection gem wrap
Flow meditation spinning ringFlow meditation spinning ring
Hematite healing gem braceletHematite healing gem bracelet
Tiger's Eye protection gem wrapTiger's Eye protection gem wrap
Tiger's Eye energy gem braceletTiger's Eye energy gem bracelet
Amethyst protection gem wrapAmethyst protection gem wrap
Lapis Lazuli protection gem wrapLapis Lazuli protection gem wrap
Butterflies kisses charmButterflies kisses charm
Butterflies kisses charm Sale price$61.00 AUD
Evil eye protection bracelet (adjustable)Evil eye protection bracelet (adjustable)
Greek evil eye charmGreek evil eye charm
Greek evil eye charm Sale price$69.00 AUD
Onyx energy gem braceletOnyx energy gem bracelet
Onyx energy gem bracelet Sale price$33.00 AUD
Mandala and pearl amulet necklaceMandala and pearl amulet necklace
Angel numbers 111 Intuition braceletAngel numbers 111 Intuition bracelet
Crystal Quartz energy gem braceletCrystal Quartz energy gem bracelet
The world is your oyster pearl charmThe world is your oyster pearl charm