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Healing Gem Earring Collection

Healing Gem Earring Collection

Our best selling Healing gem and Energy gem bracelet collections have inspired this new Healing gem earring collection that matches the gemstone types and meaning of all 9 bracelets so you can complete a matching set across all bracelets, necklaces and earrings! Authentic natural gemstones in 10mm round gem beads with handcrafted solid sterling silver hooks to make the perfect every day wear earrings for all ages and tastes. Natural gemstones can have healing and symbolic power to the wearer, depending on your personal beliefs. You may just love the colour or want to gift someone a themed gift of ‘protection’ or ‘love’ or you may connect with the healing properties gemstones are believed to embody and symbolise.

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Lapis lazuli healing gem earringsLapis lazuli healing gem earrings
Aventurine healing gem earringsAventurine healing gem earrings
Sold outPearl healing gem earringsPearl healing gem earrings
Rose quartz healing gem earringsRose quartz healing gem earrings
Amethsyt healing gem earringsAmethsyt healing gem earrings
Tiger’s eye healing gem earringsTiger’s eye healing gem earrings
Onyx healing gem earringsOnyx healing gem earrings
Onyx healing gem earrings Sale price$33.00 AUD
Crystal quartz healing gem earringsCrystal quartz healing gem earrings
Hematite healing gem earringsHematite healing gem earrings