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Choose these handcrafted and authentic charms for a daily dose of inspiration and positivity. Wear them close as a reminder, an affirmation, a sign. Share in the connection and create a truly personalised gift to uplift your family and friends.

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Clear quartz healing spinner charmClear quartz healing spinner charm
Evil eye protection spinner charmEvil eye protection spinner charm
Mandala universe spinner charmMandala universe spinner charm
Strong, beautiful and brave charm
Greek evil eye charmGreek evil eye charm
Greek evil eye charm Sale price$60.00 AUD
Angel numbers 111 Intuition braceletAngel numbers 111 Intuition bracelet
Brave spirit meditation spinning ringBrave spirit meditation spinning ring
Amethyst protection spinner charmAmethyst protection spinner charm
Angel wing charmAngel wing charm
Angel wing charm Sale price$48.00 AUD
Beautiful inside and out charmBeautiful inside and out charm
Live by the sun love by the moon spinner charmLive by the sun love by the moon spinner charm
Lion charmLion charm
Lion charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Evil eye and hamsa protection spinner charmEvil eye and hamsa protection spinner charm
Chakra healing and balance spinner charmChakra healing and balance spinner charm
Bee charmBee charm
Bee charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Beautiful & brave meditation spinning ringBeautiful & brave meditation spinning ring
Angel numbers 333 Support braceletAngel numbers 333 Support bracelet
Hematite & pearl prosperity gem braceletHematite & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Hematite empower gem necklaceHematite empower gem necklace
Hematite celestial gem braceletHematite celestial gem bracelet
Hematite healing gem earringsHematite healing gem earrings
Crystal quartz healing gem earringsCrystal quartz healing gem earrings
Angel numbers 666 Reflect braceletAngel numbers 666 Reflect bracelet
Feather hoop earringsFeather hoop earrings
Feather hoop earrings Sale price$48.00 AUD