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Pearl (prosperity)

Pearl (prosperity)

Pearls are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Pearls can balance one’s karma and strengthen relationships. Pearls may give purity, promote faith, charity and personal integrity. Due to their watery and lunar elements, pearls are balancing for the emotions. Pearls can help one connect with their inner Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy.

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Pearl healing gem braceletPearl healing gem bracelet
Pearl protection gem wrapPearl protection gem wrap
Pearl protection gem wrap Sale price$21.00 AUD
Pearl energy gem braceletPearl energy gem bracelet
Pearl energy gem bracelet Sale price$33.00 AUD
Prosperity pearl meditation spinning ringProsperity pearl meditation spinning ring
Mandala and pearl amulet necklaceMandala and pearl amulet necklace
The world is your oyster pearl charmThe world is your oyster pearl charm
Golden bee and pearl amulet necklaceGolden bee and pearl amulet necklace
Double pearl charm on ringDouble pearl charm on ring
Goddess moon and pearl amulet necklaceGoddess moon and pearl amulet necklace
Dragonfly and pearl amulet necklaceDragonfly and pearl amulet necklace
Pearl & lapis lazuli prosperity gem braceletPearl & lapis lazuli prosperity gem bracelet
Lotus and pearl amulet necklaceLotus and pearl amulet necklace
Pearl fob braceletPearl fob bracelet
Pearl fob bracelet Sale price$138.00 AUD
Lotus pearl earringsLotus pearl earrings
Lotus pearl earrings Sale price$73.00 AUD
Aphrodite double pearl ringAphrodite double pearl ring
Aphrodite double pearl ring Sale price$138.00 AUD
Golden sun and moon pearl earringsGolden sun and moon pearl earrings
Save 50%Pearl hook earringsPearl hook earrings
Pearl hook earrings Sale price$18.00 AUD Regular price$36.00 AUD
Pearl charmPearl charm
Pearl charm Sale price$28.00 AUD
Evil eye and pearl amulet necklaceEvil eye and pearl amulet necklace
Prosperity pearl spinning ringProsperity pearl spinning ring
Dream catcher and pearl amulet necklaceDream catcher and pearl amulet necklace
Butterfly and pearl amulet necklaceButterfly and pearl amulet necklace
Hamsa and pearl amulet necklaceHamsa and pearl amulet necklace
Sold outPearl healing gem earringsPearl healing gem earrings
Pearl fob necklace/ wrap braceletPearl fob necklace/ wrap bracelet
Icaria hoop pearl earringsIcaria hoop pearl earrings
Silver oyster pearl necklaceSilver oyster pearl necklace
Save 50%Pearl stud earringsPearl stud earrings
Pearl stud earrings Sale price$40.50 AUD Regular price$81.00 AUD
Save 50%Pearl hoop earringsPearl hoop earrings
Pearl hoop earrings Sale price$47.00 AUD Regular price$94.00 AUD
Ipanema baroque pearl charmIpanema baroque pearl charm
Illuminate pearl ringIlluminate pearl ring
Illuminate pearl ring Sale price$97.00 AUD
Pearl stud earringsPearl stud earrings
Pearl stud earrings Sale price$50.00 AUD
Save 50%Pearl hoop earringsPearl hoop earrings
Pearl hoop earrings Sale price$41.50 AUD Regular price$83.00 AUD
Pearl aura of gold gem braceletPearl aura of gold gem bracelet
Mother of pearl evil eye spinning ringMother of pearl evil eye spinning ring
Positano pearl and chain necklace 18k gold platedPositano pearl and chain necklace 18k gold plated
Rhodes three pearl drop earringsRhodes three pearl drop earrings
Prosperity pearl hoop earringsProsperity pearl hoop earrings
Kastellorizo pearl stud earringsKastellorizo pearl stud earrings
Ocean treasure pearl fob braceletOcean treasure pearl fob bracelet
Pearl lotus purity braceletPearl lotus purity bracelet
Antigua pearl bracelet 18k gold plated & adjustableAntigua pearl bracelet 18k gold plated & adjustable
Lunar pearl drop hoop earringsLunar pearl drop hoop earrings
Gift of the sea shell charmGift of the sea shell charm
Aristotle hand and pearl earringsAristotle hand and pearl earrings
Seychelles baroque pearl drop earringsSeychelles baroque pearl drop earrings