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Palas speaks from your heart when you can't find the right words yourself to create personalised gifts for your beautiful friends.

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Beautiful friend charmBeautiful friend charm
Beautiful friend charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Our friendship is endless slider charmOur friendship is endless slider charm
Beautiful inside and out charmBeautiful inside and out charm
Crazy friends amazing memories charmCrazy friends amazing memories charm
Bronze beautiful friend charm
Strong, beautiful and brave charm
Clear quartz healing spinner charmClear quartz healing spinner charm
Mandala universe spinner charmMandala universe spinner charm
Evil eye protection spinner charmEvil eye protection spinner charm
Rose quartz love spinner charmRose quartz love spinner charm
Guidance meditation spinning ringGuidance meditation spinning ring
I love you to the moon and back charmI love you to the moon and back charm
Paw print fur babies charmPaw print fur babies charm
Chakra healing and balance charmChakra healing and balance charm
Make a wish spinner charmMake a wish spinner charm
Make a wish spinner charm Sale price$60.00 AUD
Amethyst protection spinner charmAmethyst protection spinner charm
Hamsa hand of protection charmHamsa hand of protection charm
XO CharmXO Charm
XO Charm Sale price$32.00 AUD
Lapis Lazuli empower gem necklaceLapis Lazuli empower gem necklace
Chakra healing and balance spinner charmChakra healing and balance spinner charm
Goddess meditation spinning ringGoddess meditation spinning ring
Pearl & lapis lazuli prosperity gem braceletPearl & lapis lazuli prosperity gem bracelet
Aventurine & pearl prosperity gem braceletAventurine & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Dream catcher charmDream catcher charm
Dream catcher charm Sale price$48.00 AUD
Lapis lazuli & pearl prosperity gem braceletLapis lazuli & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Aventurine empower gem necklaceAventurine empower gem necklace
I love you to the moon and back charmI love you to the moon and back charm
Best memories naughty ideas heart slider charmBest memories naughty ideas heart slider charm
Heart and arrow charm (pair)Heart and arrow charm (pair)
I love you to the moon and back spinner charmI love you to the moon and back spinner charm
Lotus meditation spinning ringLotus meditation spinning ring
Rose quartz & pearl prosperity gem braceletRose quartz & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Evil eye protection earringsEvil eye protection earrings
Chakra moon charmChakra moon charm
Chakra moon charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Evil eye (x3) protection bracelet (adjustable)Evil eye (x3) protection bracelet (adjustable)
Tigers eye & pearl prosperity gem braceletTigers eye & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Moon and sun embrace charmMoon and sun embrace charm
Love you to the moon and back script charmLove you to the moon and back script charm
Moon and stars direction spinner charmMoon and stars direction spinner charm
Creativity lapis lazuli meditation spinning ringCreativity lapis lazuli meditation spinning ring
Brave spirit meditation spinning ringBrave spirit meditation spinning ring
Crystal quartz & pearl prosperity gem braceletCrystal quartz & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Amethyst & pearl prosperity gem braceletAmethyst & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Onyx empower gem necklaceOnyx empower gem necklace
Onyx empower gem necklace Sale price$48.00 AUD
Glistening moon charmGlistening moon charm
Glistening moon charm Sale price$60.00 AUD
Prosperity pearl meditation spinning ringProsperity pearl meditation spinning ring
Tigers Eye empower gem necklaceTigers Eye empower gem necklace
Rose Quartz empower gem necklaceRose Quartz empower gem necklace