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These compassionate charms speak for you when you cannot find the words. They are authentic symbols of love and support in times of loss to bring solace to your family and friends at a time of true heartbreak and sadness. Choose a sympathy charm to commemorate the life of a lost loved one and hold them close to you always. Beautiful messages and symbols of love and strength to carry you through the sad times and make you smile as you remember all of the good times.

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Butterflies kisses charmButterflies kisses charm
Butterflies kisses charm Sale price$53.00 AUD
Paw print fur babies charmPaw print fur babies charm
Angel numbers 111 Intuition braceletAngel numbers 111 Intuition bracelet
Rose quartz & pearl prosperity gem braceletRose quartz & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Angel numbers 444 Protection braceletAngel numbers 444 Protection bracelet
Angel wing charmAngel wing charm
Angel wing charm Sale price$48.00 AUD
I love you to the moon and back charmI love you to the moon and back charm
Paw prints on my heart slider charmPaw prints on my heart slider charm
Angel numbers 777 Luck braceletAngel numbers 777 Luck bracelet
Feathers appear charmFeathers appear charm
Feathers appear charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Rose Quartz empower gem necklaceRose Quartz empower gem necklace
Always in my heart charmAlways in my heart charm
Always in my heart charm Sale price$32.00 AUD
Beautiful & brave meditation spinning ringBeautiful & brave meditation spinning ring
Angel numbers 333 Support braceletAngel numbers 333 Support bracelet
Angel numbers 222 Alignment braceletAngel numbers 222 Alignment bracelet
Crystal Quartz celestial gem braceletCrystal Quartz celestial gem bracelet
Angel numbers 888 Balance braceletAngel numbers 888 Balance bracelet
Hematite & pearl prosperity gem braceletHematite & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Rose Quartz celestial gem braceletRose Quartz celestial gem bracelet
Angel numbers 555 Change braceletAngel numbers 555 Change bracelet
Family love rose quartz gem braceletFamily love rose quartz gem bracelet
Always in my heart rose quartz gem braceletAlways in my heart rose quartz gem bracelet
Angel numbers 999 Release braceletAngel numbers 999 Release bracelet
Hematite healing gem earringsHematite healing gem earrings
Crystal quartz healing gem earringsCrystal quartz healing gem earrings
Guardian angel charmGuardian angel charm
Guardian angel charm Sale price$53.00 AUD
Angel numbers 666 Reflect braceletAngel numbers 666 Reflect bracelet
Feather hoop earringsFeather hoop earrings
Feather hoop earrings Sale price$48.00 AUD
My little fur-baby rose quartz gem braceletMy little fur-baby rose quartz gem bracelet